Saturday, October 18, 2008

When white people sometimes need to shut the f*ck up Pt. 2

im hella mad:

*did that old white cracker say what I think he did
"If it walks like a duck..."*wtf does it mean "the black will take over"
*the lady that said-"she's concerned that Michelle and Obama might be anti white" STFU
*and to that one white lady note: "he thinks us white people are trash" you are trash but Obama never said you were

*wtf does it mean that "hes a sheep or a wolf in sheep's clothing", and Palin ain't "holy spirit" you mean holy shit that she could be the president.
*"just the whole musilm thing..." how bout the whole believing stupid things on tv thing...

VOTE! because as crazy as it is there are some dumb ass people out there that would rather have a cracker mentally unstable guy and a "hockey mom" from alaska running the country over some (Obama-Biden) amazing leaders that the whole world stands behind. Vote!

i was hella mad from this about what these racist people say about where America is, and the fact that these people have the right to vote, when they are the ones who are really brainwashed (not the open minded folks like us),but then i put on that LIKE US song my BAMBU check it out
Like Us - Bambu

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