Thursday, April 23, 2009

if your in LA come thru!!!!!

OFF THE BOOKS------>>> MYSTIC (oooweee im excited) I am very inspired by this fellow Towny songstress as you might be able to tell from some previous posts, so come thru and check it out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

go green everyday, its happy mama earth day!

JUST A QUOTE (Native American Proverb which i was reminded of by Mystic "We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my schoolios take on Gender Roles in HIP HOP

From the Daily 49er

Gender roles in hip hop music

 Monday, April 20, 2009 Updated: Monday, April 20, 2009 Masculinity in hip hop music was discussed April 16 to raise awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness month.The event began at 7:30 p.m. in the University Student Union Ballrooms and was co-sponsored by Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Incorporated, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Cal State Long Beach and the Women’s Studies Student Association.   A documentary film by Byron Hurt, an anti-sexist activist, called “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” spearheaded the event. Jose Sanchez, a graduate student in sports medicine and a grad member of Sigma Lambda Beta, reminisced about the original days of hip hop when he would carry around a boom box, a cassette player with headphones or listened to the radio for the music he once loved. “Back then hip hop was just called hip hop,” Sanchez said. “Now we have East Coast, West Coast, Bay Area, South, Midwest … [wherein] hip hop has been dismembered.”Hurt’s film, which premiered in 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival, touched on the dismemberment of hip hop as well as examined images of gender roles in hip hop and rap music. The discussion following the film focused on how masculinity is projected for Black and Latino males and its influence on gender roles throughout these communities. Ebony A. Utley, an assistant professor in communication studies and author of the forthcoming book, “The Gangsta’s God: The Quest for Respectability in Hip Hop,” was one of the keynote speakers, along with MG Hardie, author of “EveryDay Life,” and Christopher Eclipse, choreographer and dancer for musicians like Beyonce and recently Flo Rida. Utley questioned how representations of masculinity in hip hop shapes the way they represent their respective creative areas of dance and writing. Hardie said he realized that focusing on the individual rather than the community is an effect of hip hop on African American men.“I was very selfish,” Hardie said. “I know a lot rappers are interested in the individual … when they rap about guns and stuff [without] thinking about the broader picture.”Hardie said that when he became a father he started to think about how things would affect his daughter and he had to think outside of himself for once. Eclipse said that he believes there is a line of masculinity and persona one has to keep even in the dance side of hip hop. “For instance when I’m talking to Flo Rida I have to speak his language because I can’t talk to him the way I would take with [a group like this],” Eclipse said.Dignity and integrity are traits that Eclipse believes as a man he should always maintain regardless of the language he has to speak between the different artists he works with. “[However,] when I’m talking to Kanye [West] … it is a little more sensitive than with Flo Rida, or 50 Cent,” Eclipse added.A question surrounding instances of domestic violence such as in that in the Chris Brown and Robyn Fenty, known as Rihanna situation was brought asked by senior psychology major Chiamaka Okwu. She questioned whether gender is secondary in situations like that of Brown and Rihanna.“Even though [Brown’s] lyrics aren’t implicitly about violence…if I say I am against domestic violence … or violence period [it makes] me as Black woman seem like I’m not protecting the black man,” Okwu said. The speakers all agreed that both artists need help to regain their mental and emotional stability.“[Some] Caucasians do all different kinds of things [like drugs] in front of their kids, inject themselves, get caught in bathrooms with [drugs] and [society] turns around and says give them a chance … but as soon as [African Americans] do something it’s over,” Hardie said.Utley said she believes the situation between Brown and Rihanna happened because of patterns of domination and submission. “Violence is the end result but domination and submission start very early in subtle ways,” Utley said.“Chris Brown does all the leading when he dances … [his lyrics] like ‘girl I want to be with you [and] I want you to be with me’ [embody] domination and submission because his desires are primary and [the girl] is supposed to follow,” Utley said.She pointed out that domination and submission are learned in environments where a person does the early stages of learning. “In their relationships with their parents … [Brown and Rihanna] got used to those patterns at home and they play out in their careers, professional life and in relationships,” Utley said.Natalie Torres, CSULB alumni, raised another question on whether or not hip hop will return to way it was before the male dominance and masculinity images. Torres wonders if she will ever love hip hop again or be able to hear it the way it used to be.“It’s almost like I’ve learned to hate [hip hop] because those who are about hip hop [and] talk about hip hop have taken the good parts of hip hop and changed it into this mass media thing,” Torres said.Eclipse believes that hip hop will reemerge, in the future, the way it originally began only it will have a different name; no longer known as “hip hop.” “I … don’t believe hip hop is dead because I’m around enough people and artists who are generating work that focuses on positive life issues,” Eclipse said.“The labels are waiting for artists to bring back [positive messages] and more artists are writing their own music, becoming producers and CEOs [so that they can produce these messages],” Eclipse said.He believes it is the artists’ job to make sure these types of movements are activated. Hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill’s last major record, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” emphasizes the approach Eclipse outlined.Hill’s 1998 solo album featured a song called “Superstar” that fits the message the speakers and Hurt’s documentary touched on. “Hip hop started out in the heart, now everybody trying to chart,” Hill rhymes at the beginning of the track.Overall, the student organizers felt the event was a good stepping stone.  Audrey Silvestre (cant find), a junior women’s studies major and a member of WSSA, was pleased with the dialogue at the event.“People had stuff to say and talk about [on the issue] because the conversation wasn’t stopping,” Silvestre said.Trevon Williams, president of the NAACP-CSULB and senior Africana studies and Chicano and Latino studies double major, closed the event with his thoughts on how to change the negative effects hip hop has on masculinity and the community.“If you don’t like what you saw [in the documentary] and want to change it, then don’t buy [the music],” Williams said. “You are the consumer with the cash [who] is making [this music] high on the charts [while still] complaining about it degrading women and consuming our culture.”Utley was thrilled that the issue was brought up at CSULB with a mixed audience. “College is about getting these experiences, learning from other people and not just the textbook stuff but more about open exchange and feedback,

Monday, April 20, 2009

...Never Been a...


coming out of the ity bity city of SAN FRANCISCO EyeAsage, one of my favorite emcees in a league of her own (notice i said favorite-not fav. female she holds her own wit the boys mayne) Anyway this is the perfect joint (the soundtrack joint while you burn one) for today, its a jam that should be knocking in everyone's speaker boxes all summer long. im loving the flavor of the video. Shout out to her crew of fly sisters I see ms.NinaParks . I am always inspired by women like this. Where my ladies @ ? Look out for ROCKY RIVERA coming soon....

Holla at MS. KRISH aka EYEASAGE herself @

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MISTAH FABby Himself

The more I learn about Mistah FAB the more I like. He is mos def. under-rated and over looked but the people that know him well know that he is real, thought provoking, and coming from the heart. Anyone that hates on him really doesn't know him at all. In the past months since Dec. 31st I have been bumping his music in steady rotation, from the 'Oscar Grant tribute song' which features Jennifer Johns to 'Teenage Thug', to 'My City', to the new joint No 420. The songs are all refreshingly original, true to his Townish roots, and they GO!

Not only is Mistah FAB doing it in the HIP HOP world because of the songs he creates and his ridiculous freestyle capabilities, but he is also using his platform to speak on issues in the Oakland Community, and anything from AIDS/HIV awareness to Sustainability and Poverty. I will continue to post more on Mistah Fabby Davis as he continues to inspire and do what he does. I also want to shout him out for being a DOPE DAD and taking care of his daughter, as well as always sharing with his tweets (twitter) his love and respect for his mamma! Check out his NO 420 it mos def helped me get thru 2day in one piece! Mad Love.


follow MISTAHFAB himself
one of the realest people i ever met all good things coming his way are well deserved!

The beat goooo's...

(just a quick) Shout out to the homie CARLOS aka DJ C LOS for making the beat that ima songbird tweet to, I am writing to tell you that I plan on writing more, we got thangs in the works we making moves... but for now check this talented producer out (click the pic)

Friday, April 17, 2009


My ading is all growed up

Just recently went to the Beat Rock Store (haven't been there since the opening) Check em out if your in the Long Beach area, and if your around on the 25th you mos def. don't wanna miss this and clothes and good music what more could i ask for :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I wanna recognize this fly woman for all the good that she does, she is mos. def an inspiration to me coming from Oakland, but more than just about shared homeland this sister is speaking on it and one of those souls that heals the world everyday just by being her. This song bird is most known for the song "The Life" with lyrics like "true queens who raise they kids implement the knowledge show them how to live.." .."but you know and i know its all about survival the struggle of our people unrivaled"...Some songs are timeless and this is one of them. I hadn't bumped this song in a minute and I was lucky enough to catch @thatgirlmystic herself when she performed last Wednesday in Long Beach and its been in rotation ever since, along with her new music ...Im so inspired I might just have to make a painting...

Below is a shout out to the women making moves in Hip Hop who I wanna recognize and who have greatly inspired me. Not only are these women, like Mystic, and inspiration to me because of the amazing music that she makes, but who they are and there commitment to making this world better. Again nothing but mad love!

if your in the LA area Come thru to IMIX on May 7th to see this fly mama bless the stage ill be there...


back again cause i can never show to much respect,A lil props to the women that make music that I love, a lil love for women who speak there mind, Mad love to the women who are on their grind, These women are all really doing it, I am honored to have been able to speak with these sisters, to hear there thoughts on Hip Hop and see them rawk a stage...

(from a verse i wrote a while back IM DAT WOMAN)
...Goapele bringing me close to my dreams
to Mystic who spits it and told me
to get it and sing it
Keyshia for being her and repping my hood
EyeASage fly lady for making that music
to knock all day and repping the BAY
Jennifer Johns can do nada wrong
with pipes and wisdom to make anyone
wit ears wanna listen
i could go on all day cause theirs
hella women that do they thang
whether they rap or sing
film, or write, paint or freedom fight...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

living in a crazy world

I decided on a whim to spend about 14 hours on the road in about 36 hours, i drove up to Oakland Saturday dropped of my ading (lil sis) and got a moment with one of my favorite people in this universe who inspires me tremendously and then went met up with dj clos to begin and work on music projects together then went to the youth speaks show and was truly inspired as always by the immense talent of the young folks spitting on stage...

As I was driving thru the neighborhoods that were once so familiar and everyday and now are only reachable when I take a road trip home, I admired my community. Oakland is where my heart is and Oakland needs love. There is so much good in this town but the news of course paints it different...


My city My Hood My Town, I still have faith that peace can be achieved even after seeing people shoot each other even after recent acts that make it seem like we are in a civil war, don't sleep on the people of Oakland, we are gifted and lets come together and paint peace in these streets, and be green, like we been but just with a greater state of consciousness. This is for Oakland and any community around the world labeled as bad or impoverished or ghetto, cause it may have some horribleness but the people are not horrible, the people ---are gonna change the world!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

shout out to those that tweet to they own beat...

the only way i can describe it: cypher
i understand why people dont get it...but like anything its good
if you look at it for what it is...a way to let errybody know yo bizness=connect/network is the bizz
I think hip hop runs twitter but its also a very different world depending on who you follow


Monday, April 6, 2009

this knocked on my door and touched my soul

shout out to doorknockers for posting this. Tracey Rose and all the interviews. I'm letting this soak in, i would like to think this video touches all people and makes everyone men women of all shades wanna speak on this--->

Cops hate Kids...

First off i gotta say that im not trying to encourage any type of hate or generalize in anyway, this is a round table discussion which i hope anyone with a heart wants to speak on, I LOOOOVE this joint. check out the new joint from the homie Baba Zumbi : 'Cops hate Kidz' and please read the message from Steve himself.

He is really speaking on it, I cant get down with the messages some of my sisters have been spittn saying that "they happy the pig died" that is from a place of anger (on the some real ish) but that anger has led to hatred. Although I complety understand where that mentality is coming from thanks to a mentor who I am honored to call a sister, I am not tryna follow on that path of hatred. However instead of bashing police who mos. def abuse there power cause we could do that all day and not see change, lets make a plan of action. We all know that police kill and beat and arrest our bruh bruhs on some stupid shit, instead of going dumb and not doing nothing bout it lets empower ourselves to come at it with a plan to solve not perpetuate. These are my thoughts without process but give me a few and I will have a plan of action to make moves and a soundtrack to spin us in the right direction. So lets honor all live lost espacially the ones that didn't get a bill board but served there communities, to clarify Im talking about the Oscar Grants who have not been brought to light, lets let them shine and rise in peace, as we paint peace in these streets!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"haters been @round since Jesus was a boy"...

...thats so something that Jenn would say haha(Disclaimer: this is a wrenagade ramble stick wit me or not but im keep grinding till i make it to the top the top to me its not the pockets full but the ability to support me familia)

I have never liked to be surrounded by haters, if you seem like a hater and you aint fam I will probably cut you out my life, have you ever noticed how falseness or haterishness can rub off on a person, this is why I love to surround myself with fly mamas quick to complement a stranger on the street. I just got back from the bay, my life is moving at a fast pace but things are mos def. on the up. If you know me you know i dont sleep, which is bout to change, I gotta take care of me so i can take care of we, and I am really letting go of any limiting hater mentality. In order to be the change we wish to see, we have to let go of all those mechanisms that but things in boxes which ultimately limit space to feel free. I will never sacrifice my morals but I aint gon hate on you for doing you even if I disagree with you message. For the sake of my homeland my community and the moment I am apart of, I am working on letting hatred go, whether it be towards the police, or people that have done me dirty, or even the girl in the mirror, it dueces to negativity and painting peace till i cant paint no more.

One Love!

I used to hate on Lil Wayne for some of his lyrics but ima stop I cant say nothing bad bout this song, and it got me through a hard day here ya go...

And I`m grindin` till I`m tired
They say you ain`t grindin` till you tired
So I`m grindin` with my eyes wide
Looking to find, a way through the day, a life of the night
Dear Lord you`ve done took so many of my people but I`m just wonderin` why

peep in the video the name Sean Bell
who was wrongfully fatally shot by
the police, shown the picture above with

his beautiful family,
protest police

brutality and paint peace in these
streets from the murder dubs to new orleans!

Rise in Peace, All the people who have lost there lives to a bullet before there time, they will live on. Justice for Oscar Grant, for Gary King for Sean Bell for all those taken by the police, question why some are at risk just for being who they are, we need police that think like us, we need leaders who actually carry out the keeping of peace!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My City My Town My Hood

Stop the Violence!
MISTAH FAB is on point you can catch this man speaking on poverty and sustainability as well as the current tension in my homeland of Oakland, go head now...(from 38th Notes via TheBayisBack)
"My City"- Mistah FAB