Saturday, October 18, 2008

i would rather be reviewing Exact Change...go cop it!

thanks to Anitheiees i got the Paper Trail album (i don't buy commercial shit cause theres too many underground artists out there that are better like-the ATTIK, BAMBU, EYEASAGE, and hella other folks!) anyway was never really a fan of TI, thought it was funny how he be saying whom-i-is sounding like who mama is ...anyway still not really a fan, but I'm feeling some of his songs, and I respect him for this album, his flow is hard and he did what only the best emcees do -showed his vulnerable side-which in the end shows his strength. the southern beats and repetative lyrical content makes it that I can't listen to the album on repeat like Jungle Electric or The Skinny but thats not me hating that's just my preference, but heres a quick run thru of the tracks , I do like that the last few joints got a slower pace
Intro –is aight

TRACK2 I’m Illy
Feeling it!
TRACK 3 Ready for Whatever
“either die or go to jail, that’s a hell of a decision.”
Feeling it for the fact that he’s coming rEal

TRACK 4-On top of the World with Luda and B.O.B is aight
TRACK 5-Live Your Life with Rihanna Gooooes, the lyrics are fresh, they collab real smoothly and it speaks to anyone on the grind with a free spirit.
this part right here
T.I: "The hooting and the hollering, back and forth with the arguing
Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in
Seems as though you lost sight of what's important when depositing
Them checks into your bank account and you up out of poverty
Your values is in disarray, prioritizing horribly
Unhappy with the riches 'cause you piss poor morally
Ignoring all prior advice and fore warning
And we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren't we?"
I'm loving how he's calling people out !
TRACK 6-Whatever You like
is aight. catchy catchy
TRACK 7-No Matter What
I saw the video before anything and this is definitly my favorite!
the beat, the flow, the courage, the realness, the pain, the swag...
i was gon choose my favorite line but its solid i like it all

TRACK 8-My Life Your Entertainment
who woulda thunk i would be feeling a Usher TI joint.
i think this and track 11 are clever new
'Hi haters' joints that ya can bump in ya ride when...we sick of haters.

TRACK 9 -Porn Star
it is was it is...bump and grind musica
TRACK 10 -Swing Ya Rag
nice Swizz beat!
TRACK 11-What Up whats haap'nin
funny funny video thats about it
TRACK 12 –Every Chance I get
Not a fan of this 1. another hi hater joint…
TRACK 13-Swagger like Us
TI came wit it, I’m not feeling Kanye’s verse right when he says
“I’m Christopher Columbus, yall just the Pilgrims” but it still goes…
TRACK 14 Slide Show
Featuring jLegend my second favorite…
TRACK 15 You ain’t missing nothing
I love this one as well, T.I does slow beats right…
TRACK 16 Dead and Gone
The flow is ridiculous…

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