Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am a retired (the hip hop version where you say it to mean something and come back whenever the hell you feel like it) sneaker head. I love kicks but honestly don't spend any money on em currently, based on the college lifestyle (broke as a joke) and also that after much reflection all though I love em- material things are not where i want the biggest percent on my money to go. It wouldn't feel right to me to spend over 100 and wait out in the cold to get the new pair of whatevers (not knocking the sneaker heads out there that do it, its just ain't me). (also I did always have in the back of my mind that my money was going to a corporation which was basically enslaving kids in other countries so I could buy an over priced shoe that they made..ewww before I buy another speaker I want to do more research on companies I'm pretty much ignorant to which brands still abuse third world sweat shops...)

I once collected shoes when I lived in a rent free house and had a full time job and 2 on the side and most of my money went to shoes and bart cards, then I got older and one day I was looking at boxes of boxes of shoes and thinking I want money to pursue music and art so I changed. I went from being a sneaker addicted kid spending all my money on art supplies and books and studio equipment. I also changed up my style and stopped wearing kicks completly ( i wore flats) for about a month but that was too extreme I missed my comfortable dunks). Then I went away to college and decided to give some of my favorite kicks away to my little
sister so she could be the flyest middle schooler in school. That felt good to give, but I realized later that I will always love sneakers but its all about balance, so every once in a while when I have a little extra paper I go buy myself a pair of kicks, only if their on sale and i realllly reallly want 'em.

and a fellow bay area fly kid known as Ge.nius can make some pretty fly custom kicks (in addition to dancing on mtv shows and a clothing line: Since 88)...

so the moral of the story is I love kicks, so with inspiration from above I plan on designing some of my own...

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