Monday, November 30, 2009

Fresh Vibe Presents OAKLAND IN BLUE

Oakland in BLUE which is held at SOMAR BAR (located in Downtown Oakland) is what it sounds. Its a revival it has elements of Harlem (w)renassace style, Oaktown Hip Hop at its finest, a liberation, a reflection of Oakland's brilliant and beautiful as well as diverse culture. The vision was started by Dat and I stand as one of the many people in his corner and on the team to promote that vision. About nine months ago when Oakland made the National news in the face of too much violence a good friend said to me when I conveyed mixed feeling about moving back to the hood that raised me that "Oakland needs Love, and its our job as artists to paint a picture of Peace in these times" This movement is a great way to do just that, to have a whole bunch of beautiful Town people with no violence all getting down to good Jams and celebrating life and expressing themselves. Check out the OAKLAND IN BLUE promo (more coming soon CHECK BACK)

Oakland In Blue Listening Experience Series Promo // produced by Vernell Harbin from FreshVibe Media ® on Vimeo.

It is beautiful to see an artist like DO DAT repping for Oakland in such a fresh way. Along with his sister Isis G and many other fly artists to share the stage he has created: Oakland in Blue (following his second solo album titles just that) His flow/style/lyrical talent is ridiculous. He is a true artist continuing to explore new sounds while staying true to himself.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coco gotta a mixtape yall

At the Listening Part Coco Peila herself revealed that this is going to be a series of MIXTAPES a collaboration project. Basically the Bay has hella talent, people here are gifted and proud of our uniqueness. The Real Nerds Series is a way to really sho that in a beautiful way.
Check out this crazy girl on Youtube (she stays making video blogs just type in here name)

Friday, November 27, 2009

...they made many promises but they only kept one they promised to take our land and they did...

This sunrise ceremony was especially meaningful because it was the 40th year anniversary of theTakeover. The experience was very spiritual. Like all Pan Indian movements all tribes were welcome and non-native folks, to the beat of a drum and the burning of sage and tobacco. Although in the original takeover demands were not met, it was succesful in the sense that it raised awareness to native rights issues, and led to many other non violent protests through out the nation led by native people. More info Pictures and interviews coming soon from Youth Radio writer Bianca Butler coming soon...

Friday, November 20, 2009

try sleeping with a broken heart

"Why don't you hold me
Need me
I thought you told me
You'd never leave me"...

The concept is based on the movie Hancock
or any super hero flick
where two people have immense power
so much so that they can't be with eachother
or they will harm eachother or take away the others power
this video is really well done im feeling it,
I love when the video adds new meaning to the song,
the 90's samples are uplifting and inspiring to me,
the double screens add to the interesting visuals,
it was kinda creepy when she tried to touch dudes face
and veins popped out
but it captured the lyrics perfectly
she looks fly on the motorcycle
it makes me want a motorcycle even more

I love it
Keep em coming Alicia

Performing Live:

I'm gonna find away to make it without you tonight...
I'm gonna hold on to the times we had, tonight.
You know I'll always love you. So tonight. Hold on.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


via BambuRants

this is dope i am inspired i would love to do musical illustrations like this!

the Break Up

written by Rafael Casal, anyone who has gone through a break up from along term serious relationship can relate to this. As hard as it may be to realize, sometimes its best to be on your own. Which to me is easier said then done. The memories of lovely times spent with your partner in love can haunt you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

an artist I like...

Michael Vasquez paints some really amazing pieces. His use of color and style is ridiculous.
My work explores issues in contemporary family structure. My experiences growing up as an only child of a single parent mother provide the foundation for the development of my ideas. I look to analyze the sociological impact that the lack of a father figure has in a boy's 'coming of age' years. Within this investigation lie multiple related bodies of work. One body involves aspects that reside in the household itself such as mother / son relationships that include shared feelings of bitterness and abandonment brought on by my father's leaving. Other times I aim to pay homage to my mother for her fulfillment of both parental roles. Related are works that explore the reasons, impact, and dynamics of neighborhood street gang acceptance and involvement: such as the allure of the 'extended family' to a fatherless, only child, and its accompanying values that addressed issues of respect, pride, protection, and loyalty; all of which seemed to instill a certain level of manhood and masculinity beyond a mother's capability.

I build my paintings through a unique set of marks that seem to mirror those of graffiti and territorial 'tagging,' striving for a seamless marriage of content and execution. These marks are often made of broken color that when viewed up close seem as foreign as the figures' hand gestures; yet optically assemble themselves from afar. Many of these marks aim to capture the atmosphere of the figure's environment and are neither a part of the figure nor the background; yet somehow inform them both. I aim to be able to slip in any color with any type of mark, anywhere on any painting and have it accepted and functioning.

Friday, November 6, 2009

u think u see me but...

...The homie Do Dat himself im feeling it as always coming with
the freshest flows...

check out his new slapper
Produced by 6 fingas

fuego en su cuerpo

the long awaited video is here. check it out the homies Los Rakas:fuego