Thursday, October 2, 2008

D is for DAD

Dope dad's need to be recognized! am I wrong?
First off I wanna say it's not called DP for dope parent, not because i don't think all the mama's out their don't deserve to be honored (they do, and I plan to) but because so many fathers out there don't step it up, raise ya hand if ya dad wasn't around,OK everyone can put your hands down. I try to always say it in a positive but there's no way to spin it thats the truth, so when dad's are doing right it's something to commend!

And the D.D. award this time goes to Bambu. Bambu is a dope dad because why?

DOPE DAD'S not only are around to help raise their children and treating their FLY MAMAS right, they are setting an example to all men (and boys) to be down, down for seeing women and men treated equally, willing to call out another man if he disrespects a women, and teach the next generation (their children), basically handling his business like a man should, because respecting a women is part of being a good father. And holding their actions accountable and realizing the impact they have on their kids lives, and did I mention their fly.
I don't know Bambu very well but I get all that and more from his music, and his work in the community, and his good check out the Homie Bambu's blog for events this weekend and if you haven't already, go get his album EXACT CHANGE (i would not promote it if it wasn't worth buying go cop the album!!!). And with the theme of Dope Dads he got a song on there calles 7 months that goes!!!!!!!

Picture from
^(if you have noticed a lot of references to
this site its cause I want you to check it out,
it's what inspired me to start a blog and although
I won't always refer to it this much cause I would feel
like im bite'n, i will still be influenced by all the people
who write blogs that I recognized in my first entry...
cause its all love)

With the theme of dad's doing right, heres Bambu's song 7months:

Seven'>">Seven Months - Bambu

("all my dad's in the place put ya hands up high, I know it's tough my brothers, I don't judge my brothers but ya need to be a father to ya child"!!!!))))

*If you know a fly dad in your area that you would like to nominate please send info*


*note: dope in this article is not referencing a drug, for all you square ass suckas (just kidding not really) who don't know its a word to positively applaud someones coolness.


BAMBU said...

i'm honored, flattered and humbled, sis! come by the crib again soon! will i see you and your partner this weekend at any of the shows?! holler!!!

dreamer said...

yall are such fly parents Khalil is a lucky kid, : ) it sucks we been missing your shows, if you and Krish are around Friday me and Phil will come thru. And I wanna buy your album from ya, and maybe a few for some friends...Hollaaaa!

wren Love said...

I think i only have given this award to ONE DAD! big shout to the fathers and i continue to recognize BAMBU for all that he gives to makes this world a better place