Monday, October 6, 2008

gotta be twice as good...

(Love and Basketball is my favorite movie of all time...)

In a mans world a women has to be twice as good to get the same respect. oh and lemme add Being a lady is anything from whooping your boyfriend on the basketball court, to holding a nine to five and paying bills, to cooking and cleaning and being a mama, to making art and beats. In other words I don't limit what a women is to stereo types put on us.
When I was about 7 I fell in love with basketball (my first love was music) I could not get enough and it was never about impressing a boy. I would bounce the ball and that was my beat and I would recite my dreams in my head and they would only come true, when I took the shot if I heard a swoooosh. In the 4th grade I transferred to Malcolm X and had to re-affirm to everyone that I could play. I realized then that as a girl to be treated the same, or even be considered to play, I had to be twice as good. So I had to up my game I played at my god mama's house with all the neighborhood boys who were a lot older. Ever since then I have used that same mindset that as a woman in a man's world you gotta be twice as good.

As I am considering what career path to take, and how to prepare myself for not just internships and work experience, but for my career, including any business ventures, and non-profit work that I plan to do, I am faced with this same need to prove myself as twice as good. So even though I don't have a desire to see my name written on any sky scrapers, I have decided to go for getting a Masters in Architecture, just so that any man that wants to question my skills and call me a "decorator", can't say shit. To me that would set the playing field even to allow me no limitations in my design career.

When I was up in Brooklyn last spring I went to a conference that Saul Williams was speaking at, along with some other talented writers, and a lot of the students there were saying that they were going for there law degree not because the necessarily wanted to be lawyers but so they had that behind them when they did what they wanted to do. So besides the fact that I am obsessed with architecture, I'm going to get my masters in it in order to be twice as good as the next man, because in a competitive world that's what you gotta do to survive.

Saul Williams is a Genius!

oh yeah and this is my last post with out illustration or sketches...anybody got a scanner?

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