Wednesday, October 8, 2008

design project ex...

school, school,'s an example of a quick charette for a bank. Here's some inspiration flix and a little run through of the design process:

this is Interior of Crea International Bank


Lighting Ideas:

from Design Within Reach:

Koura Pendant
David Trubridge's Koura Pendant (2004) was inspired by the curled shape of a Maori freshwater crayfish (called koura). The basket-like form also echoes the woven eel trap known as the hinaki. Such influences are the norm for T rubridge, who spent years studying marine life around the South Pacific islands before creating his New Zealand Pendants: Kina, Coral and Koura. In addition to how they echo patterns found in nature, these pendants are created using the minimum amount of materials for maximum effect. UL listed. Bulb (not included): incandescent globe 100W/120V/E26/G25 frosted.
(this project had no budget but just so you know this light costs:Now: $1,777.50)

Artichoke Lamp

Artichoke Lamp - Large, Copper
The consummate modernist chandelier, Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp (1958) is composed of layers of overlapping "leaves," which produce crisp, glare-free light from 360 degrees. Each leaf is laser-cut for precision and is configured by han d. The Artichoke is aptly suited to a dining room, entryway or reception desk. Manufacture d in Denmark by Louis Poulsen. UL- listed. Bulb (not included): Incandescent 200W/120V/E26/A21.

Initially we sat down and chose the design for the space, we then refined it. We take the ideas for the theme, or inspiration, and chose specific fixtures, based on lighting effects that we want. Once we decided on what fixtures we want for the space the
n we get spec sheets and refine the design more. Th en we create a presentation of our work with drawn views of the space...

here's a little cartoon i thought was funny:

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