Friday, October 3, 2008

"How can something so wrong make me feel so right"

Alright so Kanye West is one of my favorite M.C's on the radio, and I think he is a genius from the songs he writes, the creativity with the way he visually creates his videos, his style, and his tours, to his design taste. I ran into Kanye West in LA (near UCLA) in 04 and told him how much respect I had for him, for his originality. But I can't get down with the way he likes to post blogs with women wearing (almost) no clothing with a "where are you yeezy" next to their mouth. He has a category on his blog website called girls where its all just photo's like the one shown below and a small caption. This is a quote straight from Kanye himself: "I'm really proud of the composition of this photo. 

Whenever I get a pic with a white background it's fun 2 play with the placement. Ahhhh... the simple joy's of life, like taking hot girls I don't know and putting where are you Yeezy next to them!!!"-KANYE WEST


To all those guys out there that whenever they hear a women objecting to another women getting objectified, and think we're mad because we are not getting enough attention, thats a load of crap, I have no problem if this was one of many photos (maybe with some clothes on in some) and these girls could get some attention on their accomplishments, and this is not a judgement on the girls posing but rather on the industry and the men who buy into it!!

I'm calling out all the intelligent men out there who should know better from M.Cs to authors if you disrespect women you disappoint me, and the rest of my sisters with self respect.



ruby said...

hi wren! I SO feel this! I feel the exact same way. I'm on Kanye's blog a lot for creative inspiration, but there's a few visuals that don't really complement the aesthetic i'm going for... im all about showing our beauty,but not in a way that encourages people to forget everything we've done to solely focus on the physical aspects.
anyway. thanks for the love, and thanks for posting.

wren said...

thanks for commenting Ruby, for me its always that feeling of disappointment with these guys who are so intelligent but choose to still be disrespectful to women, and personally its a constant battle for me to whether I can still love there music and ignore that they are sometimes so foul when it comes to women...