Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the process of making art...

Heres some JenSketches there will be lots more sketches and mixed media revealed soon to get folks excited about the show me and Katiana herself are having...with themes of Cuba, international beauty, sustainability, and of course music and more specifically Hip Hop. Jennifer Johns is one of the many portraits in the show, and she will be Featured- she's a big part of our lives and a blessing, and she got a lot of projects in the works so look out for em. get Ready fall fell spring up till the sun's up and get down with this summer...

Monday, February 23, 2009


I don't know when this came out but i just caught it...I am feeling it on so many different levels...I AM!

Novel and Talib holding it down!

"Brag bout how you rock a payment on a house on just the top grill in yo stank'en ass mouth

I'll call all of yall out like the sun going down and yo mama screaming 'get yo ass in the house"

(posted this up on facebook but decided to share it with the non facebookers as well...)

Exact Change...(Shout out to Bambu for making that Good Music to keep the freedom fighter going))

alright so I don't have an issue wit folks rocking gold teeth, in fact secretly (despite my boojee homies trying to convince me otherwise) i find gold teeth kinda sexy especially on bay boys...(i wouldn't spend my money on it but wouldn't knock you fa doing the impressionable biter gold grill thang) no my issue is not with gold teeth or gold chains, its the mentality's that we are chained to, that our worth should be bought, that we would rather buy some flashy shit then go at the status quo and work towards equality so we can all be free...

**('Im still going at the status quo over the SLAP))- Bam
%(I'm not saying this to shake you up, I'm just saying this to wake you up...) -Weezy
*(Take this Personally)-Ise -to-the LYFE

Consciousness-Wise words:
"In the midst of labeling people in society, people forget that ... Read Moreeveryone is human and has emotions. We thus place ourselves up for judgment when judging others. I feel a person must make that change consciously, yet I now understand it is often because most people are unconscious of their being. They completely operate off the illusions of their minds, all holding onto the images and thoughts which cause their disfunction. A person says something offense, and it becomes accepted by people, and before they know it, their mind is constantly replaying all those beliefs from the past. I feel "The Power of Now," is an excellent book for people to end that streak of ego created personas."-Anitheiess Jackson (c) 09

GOOD MUZAK--->So if conscious music just means your just awake, you do not have to be evolved to be awake, and awake does not mean perfect, so instead of talking down it is essential as the soundtrack that we speak to folks and not down at em, so props to the Emcees that keeps it real, and still lyrically come wit it inflicting the questioning of this system... BAMBU, DO DAT, JENNIFER JOHNS, K-SWIFT, ISE LYFE, ZION-I, EYEASAGE 2 name a few...
Exact Change...

"yall wanna be laughing and clapping in the club" while somebody just died in the streets in the BART station and all over the nation just for their race, so to me this system has way to many people ensuring that some people are not free for ME to just bullshit or go out and sip on some drizank just to sip on drank. Yet to LIVE we must have Balance, so how do we sustain, how do we take the time to not get so injected with injustice by protesting but not chill and escape so that we are injecting- i- don't -give- a- fuck, and smoking -to high to care about society's chains or sip on -some -too -drunk- to- see- -injustice- from- justice- so I'll just trust it just fuss wit my everyday problems-->thats a hot mess. We all got relax in different ways, and we all gotta get paid, but lets not trade our souls for some gold...

so lite 1 up fuck it lite up 2...

BALANCE- the average person watches t.v to forget they problems, or thinks that the news is bringing the truth, not realizing that's like pressing snooze on the truth on the real "real world" and we are all hurled into this world thinking I am not the boy or girl that has the power to change this world not realizing, we can change by visualizing, and affirming, and concerning ourselves with the problem, and the wrong, and coming together, always try and make it better, and like Obama be about change and being about change means to acknowledge all the ways that this system sustains chains of colonization since 1492...

Acknowledge-Contradict-and Examine
the Status Quo-Privilege:

They say the paid it off they paid for it by not getting the street cred, getting teased in the 4th grade not realizing what some pay everyday, they say man I had a bad day, while some can't hail a cab, some can't grab they wallet with out getting shot, they think its hot, the culture the music, and realizing there using, they choosing to generalize, to think its tangle able to make a whole culture laughable, taught to complain when they can't see they road is paved while other never seen open roads they see roads closed dead ends, some complain bout a recession, when some live on a reservation and are a forgotten nation only found in old westerns stereotyped, and mascoted, and represented as rotted and conquered, i have to be bothered...

It makes some (that benefit from this) very uncomfortable to talk about this idea that based on how white you are you have more privilege, those same folks sometimes claim to be very down-with statements like-"I don't see color" when that's like a handy capped person saying of i don't notice the lack of ramps or elevators in this world" of course you don't see it you don't suffer from it (i took that metaphor from Katiana herself) anyway this sickens me, when speaking out I get that look from some folks, like why? why are you making this your issue clearly your skin tone makes you free, but see, when your best friends get watched in stores, and your peers from elementary get shot by the po-po, while I remain free, I must speak out, must be about, another route. Anyway to clarify although a lot of the issues I (and my freedom fighter family) speak out on are labeled as "black issues" but they are not, they are Human Rights issues, these issues are in the tissue and every cell in me, it is in my blood to put up my fist, regardless if it puts me at risk or on the governments black list, ignorance is not bliss, unless your extremely selfish, like when rappers say they roll up wit 1000 $ on they dash, to me thats heartless, cause the folks wit purple hearts on the streets that sleep on the concrete can see as they ask for CHANGE please?

We zone out to survive, we get high to escape, so that we can prepare ourselves when the ones we love are killed or jailed or beat, we must check out so that we can sleep, some are numb from video games and the over all media, some are numb from seeing there best friend shot in the face, either way, i pray, those nerve endings are re-awakened and shaken to wanna see and re-care and want a more fair world I know life ain't fair I see that clearly with this go getter mentality you can see this too clearly from the 9th ward to Seminary if you ain't bout getting paper you are ranked as better in a cemetery so hear me cause I hold these ideas dearly with visions imprinted in my retna of what i seen, so we all fiend to get away, smoke that j, live it day my day, to escape the pain, but WAke up, feel it, feel the lives lost like we carrying each coffin on our back, while sustaining to keep are heads up, and get up and never let up, and step up to being leaders, and knowledge eaters, and teachers...

please continue to think critical, be literal, not without laughter but jokes only go so far, and at what cost, at who's happiness lost, we have options, just PLEASE don't PUT US IN NO BOXES im claustrophobic and that's OBNOXIOUS! i gotta right i gotta fight i don't bite but shine lite all day and nite...



im two wheel'en

I no longer use my car i just ride my bike, same bike i've had since i was 9, im on my grind, saving gas by biking to class, getting stronger with each hill i ride over...and its less of a mess-lessoning my personal footprint on this earths trash, so you can find me beach crusing and i suggest you do the same...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Afraid of me...

Jennifer Johns is amaaaaazing! foreal tho who is on her level...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

straight out of Broooooklyn

I been saying for a while now that I wanna move to Brooklyn...I love the weather on the west side, but i just might switch it up in the future and start East Coasten for a change of pace. Check out the homie Supa Nova (dang its been almost a year since i was in Brooklyn i need to go Baaaaack) Shout out to K-Swift and Ketty and all the Brooklyn FoooolkS!

ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl...

been singing this all week...
"Brooklyn Girls" Music Video - Charles Hamilton

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the most generous person i know...

Is my sister...she gives, lord knows she gives. We may not agree on everything but I am proud to call her my sister. I have shared 22 years and 8 months with her and she has taught me so much, and made me the person I am today, and made me strong, sometimes by fighting with me but we won't get into all that. My sister I love ya and I am looking forward to celebrating our birthdays wit the fam bam...take care of you, cause you deserve it. Thanks for being there for me when no one was, thanks for standing up for me when that one girl wanted to beat my ass in the 4th grade. Thanks for all that you do...I look forward to growing with you...

i miss them...

Monday, February 16, 2009

We ain't gon stop 'till the battle is Won!



AND WE AINT GON STOP TILL THE BATTLE IS ONE KEEP SPEAKING ON IT CHANGE COMES FROM THE PEOPLE!!!! We may have a wonderful leader but he aint god he cant be everywhere at one time to make sure injustice like the murder of Oscar Grant, or anyone, doesnt happen. It is up to us as a community and as a people to organize, and "BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE"

Barack and Curtis

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Medicine for Melancholy-A love story set in the Bay

Medicine for Melancholy (peeped about it on "no get the onion but don't try to tell me any secrets"

Rip my heart out

Tie my hands...

If you know me then you know I'm somewhat of a Lil Wayne Hater, I say this with a grain of salt cause I really don't Hate anything, but I can't stand when stupidness floods peoples ears and makes a record ceo rich at the same time as encouraging stereo types and all in the name of supporting a man wit swag, regarless of is he disrespects women in the process....However as I continue to be a Hip Hop head I have grown to allow space to appreciate artists who I may not agree with them on every level and I wouldn't go out of my way (more than talking about them on this blog) to support them or push they music to my homies like I do with the Attik or EyeAsage or Bambu, but I will give the man props cause he came wit it on every level on this one, and it was the only thing not hella boreing about the grammys when he performed: Tie my Hands:

Tie My Hands (featuring Robin Thicke) - Lil Wayne

Robin Thicke:
we are at war
with the universe
the sky is falling
and the only thing that can save us now
is sensitivity
and compassion

but i know one thing is for sure
i'm gonna get my kicks before it all burns down

Lil Wayne:
yeah, some say tragedies is hard to get over
but sometime that tragedy means its over
soldier, from the academy legal frolers
i deny being down though they seen the holers
my shoulders is strong i prove them wrong
i aint doing nothing but moving on
let the truth be known
but they talk that freedom matters and didn't even leave a latter

i work at the corner store we all got problems, problems
who was gon' fight alone
no one's gonna save us now
how you feel you're not alone
we're all just jealous, jealous
we don't reach the sky no more
we jus can't overcome, no
you tie my hands
what am i gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
you tie my hands
what am i s'posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be

i knock on the door
hope isnt home
faith's not around the luck's all gone
dont ask me whats wrong
ask me whats right
and i'ma tell you whats life
and did you know
i lost everything but i ain't the only one
first came the hurricane then the morning sun
excuse me if i'm on one and dont trip if i light one
i walk a tight one
they try tell me keep my eyes open
my whole city under water some ppl still floatin'
and they wonder why black ppl still voting
Cuz your president still chokin
take away the football team the basketball team
now all we got is me to represent New Orleans.
no governor, no help from the mayor
jus a steady beatin heart and a wish and a prayer
let's pray

these friends they come and go
but i got family, family
these kids so fast they grow they learn so quickly now
that there's no where to go that there's no future, future
dont make the seem so low
and we can't overcome now.
tie my hands
what are we gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
you tie my hands
what am i s'posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be

and if you come from under that water, then that's fresh air
just breathe baby God's got a blessing to spare
yes i know the presses is so much stress
but its the progress that feels the best
Cuz i came from the projects straight to success
and you're next so try
they can't steal your pride its inside.
then find it and keep on grinding
Cuz in every dark cloud theres a silver lining, i know.

love will come,
tie my hands
what are we gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
tell you, tie my hands
what am i s'posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be
born right here in the usa but due to tragdey
looked on, by the whole world as a refugee
so accept my emotion don't take it as an offensive gesture
its just the epitomy of my soul
and i must b me
we got spirt y'all
we got spirit
we got sould y'all
we got soul
they don't want us to see
but we already know

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hustle State of Mind...

Hustle State of Mind is a new song im recording. Its everything about where I'm at right now, im on the grind, im bout to head into LA to buy some products to make t-shirts sell-able art and stunna shades, basically anything that i can either make and sell, or just slang at a slightly higher price, I am all about it, so today you can find me at the ALLEY, and check for me and Phil's new site GOTS2HAVEit! where we will sell anything from paintings to CD's to Stunna Shades to Custom Shoes to T-shirts for cheap....and if you want something give me a holla anywhere from the Bay to LA to even Brooklyn we can get it to ya:

V-day Wrenagade style

Happy Valentines Day..

We say fuck V-day, cause these days, we cant even buy ish, cause pockets are hurting and we are observing that its a recession, hella brothers and sisters suffering from depression, cause they lost they jobs this is not a lesson, im not being a v day snob, im just saying a chocolate rose and card aint gonna be impressing, me so get to stepping, and get creative on any other day of the year, ya feel me, clearly id rather have true acts of love for love, then just cause the calendar says so, yours truly and sincerely -WREN the song Bird

Pain In My Heart- Do Dat
Cup Cake Commandment-EyeASage
The thought that counts-the Attik
You-Andre Remix
I will always love you- Whitney
I just called to say-Stevie Wonder
Wanna Love you Girl-Robin THickey Thick...

Last V-day EYEASAGE herself released her mixtape MARRIED TO THE HUSTLE

Friday, February 13, 2009


the homie Steve aka Zumbi Zum wit Amp Live

you can find me...


get Ready spring time got hella Pow Wow's

u know you wanna...

Rather then spend mula on candy to make ya teeth rot-watch Bam rak a sho-cause it don't stop...

Art in Action

from Ashy2Classy

R.I.P Jerry LaVigne Jr.

Check this out this is crazy, 24 year old artist from Miami, FL Jerry LaVigne Jr. is an amazing illustrator, Jerry reports "This is my all pencil portrait of the President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! Estimated completion time = ....still calculating." -R.I.P. Jerry LaVigne Jr. 1984-Present

Kanye West by R.I.P Jerry LaVigne Jr. 1984-Present
http://Add on Myspace
Check out Jerry LaVigne Jr. Tshirts here

Lets change the way we treat eachother...

Whats good, all my UCLA homiez i see yall, holla at me if you involved with the clubs on campus we making plans to book some amazing people to come thru this Spring (fall fell Spring Up)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

calling all college girls and boys--->every schoolio from Long Beach to NYU

If your a college student down for promoting good causes and good music send me a email...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

T.I . Speak on It!

...i gotta catch the Road to Redemption... guhd show, no?

these boys rite here...

i never liked rumors but i HATE domestice violence...cb strikes out

The he said she said thats been going on the internet is so random and pointless, but I'm glad that folks are talking about something so untalked about...

(from the age of 8- Domestic Violence has been on my brain in many different forms, and as a women when i hear about that shit (and because of what i have seen happen to some people that i love) i gotta hold back tears when i hear about it. I know that sounds silly cause we talking bout some famouse folks known as reezy and breezy- but i don't care who it is that ish sickens me to my core.)

A month ago i gotta call rushed to aid a friend and take care of her son as she dealt wit her baby daddy (while he beat on her) I wish I could protect her, be her shield and most of all protect him (my lil homie take all that in)...I may sound like a broken record cause I have said it before but its only cause i see this shit repeating not just wit one of my sisters from another mother but wit hella folks from girls i grew up wit to new friends just made

As for Chris Brown I don't wanna say much cause I'm not the one that saw it first hand but I will say that if you check his track record its not surprising. i know second hand that 1. the man has a temper and had the cops called on him in Miama (Shore Club-2 summers ago) for getting violent wit his then girlfriend and breaking hella dishes, and 2. the man beeeen cheating on Rihanna since before most people even knew they was together...again that's second hand because although i was near i wasn't there...

I am way more concerned about my homegirls who got kids going thru this then some famous pop stars who fuck wit other people and then get crazy on each other and it blows up cause it happens to fall on the same night as a played out award show which there sposed to be performing at...or this boys milk deal getting pulled.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Keep Ya Head Up

Taken it to church!(temple masque or any spiritual center)...

For anyone struggling- Laid off from a job, In the hospital, grieving a fallen soldier, medical conditions, cancer, a car accident, expecting parents fearing the worst, or any pain that seems to be too much, this is fa yall!
lit candle Pictures, Images and Photos

(click for Mista Fab update from 38th Notes)