Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mic G

Stays making some solid music, I am whole heartedly in support of the coming project Ghetto (w)renaissance. I'm liking the rawness of this video, shout to Aebldee in the video, Check it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artistas to Check!

A sweet lady by the name of Aarika Martin gave me props on repping for all the Lady Artists, it warmed my heart and inspired me...I love giving props to artists (especially Ladies). The sister company to Oaktown Wrenaissance ---> Tres Mercedes is the genius behind the collaborative show I did in June that was an all female art show, with performances, art, and even a lovely lady painting custom designs on your nails and a clothing swap. I love seeing ladies Take Over in this way (and that was only the beginning). So this is my shout to all Lady Artists (in all forms of the arts) doing their thang. These artists inspire me and i think as soon as im done posting this I will go hard in the paint...big shout to all those that create art from the Heart

Heres some fresh art made by talented ladies to check:

Ashley K Arnold

Alfie (Ebojo) Numeric

Mercedes Martin

I've had the privedledge of getting to watch Mercedes evolve as an earring maker and even gotten to collaberate with here and get these fly customized WRENAGADE earrings (picture below). She uses local art found on flyers and such as well as things like bottle caps to make some amazingly fresh wearable art...continue to check her out as she evolves as an artist.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ST coming with the organic flow

ST an artist to keep ya lifted...

ST SPITTIN "I GOT THIS" from B. Younger on Vimeo.

Im in the studio with ST right now, witnessing the world play n flow. Hella organic just how the photo shoot went, but a lil feeling into in a way you can't help to feel. ST and his homies knock it out quit. With the "I got this" mentality. With a chuckle in the flows to keep you nodding with a smile. Feel good music that also represents the lifting energy that Oaklanders have to sustain. Look out for the projects coming out from the homie...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

verses just bursted out

record another record wish my hands were microphones so i could record this song of life (LOVE) i wish my heart beat came with a studio to capture this, after this splurge of creativity i wanna be free but calculate a meticulous way to be ever continuing this process ever so seamlessly

Hit Hit Hitting the studio and actually have something that i am PROUD to share (and sharing) is very necessary for me in this moment.

Thank you to all the folks that make FRESH SHIT cause whether i would call you up and kick it with you or we kinda went are separate ways your presence in my life at one point of another has led me to want to ever improve, evolve and CREATE

RIP Guru

I just did a photo shoot with the homie S T
we knocked out hella locations and chopped it up about Hip Hop
the Town, how we both came to call ourselves Emcees
people that have passed away, and what inspires us.
This was a shot that from the shoot that captures some of that
we (myself and ST along with a lot of young bay area artists)
are hungry to make songs, and hop on stages,
at the same time honoring those who have influenced us
and paved the way by contributing to Hip Hop.

While we were driving to one of the locations
He revealed that his mother was in a gospel choir and influenced
him in a big way surrounding him with a plethora of musica,
along with folks like Do Dat, and the homies of the League510

I look forward to working with ST and seeing him rise.