Sunday, October 5, 2008

took the words right out of my mouth!...

if you sick of wack rappers click here

so i know its partly do to over exposure but I rarely listen to the radio and I'm soooooo sick of Lil Wayne and T-Pain and these artist who are spitt'n a lot but ain't talken bout shit. What happened to that good old "quality over quantity"

I'm so sick of hearing the saying "it ain't trick'n if you got it"
Lil Wayne said it back in the day. I didn't like it then
I don't like it now. Makes anyone who says it
all seem like tricks to me.
Maybe that's why they love to call a women a ho or a beezy.
and "make it rain in the club" come on now.
One of my songs says "I'd rather do the rain dance then make it rain..."

I got a song on the mixtape
calling out all these so called hard rappers and singers from
t-pain to lil wayne.

can't yall get a little more creative to talk
about something other then getting girls in clubs. something is
wrong when the way to test out if a song is a hit is to play that
shit in a strip club (a miami producer told me that the way its done
now a days...

he took the words right out of my mouth...

i'm going to do a polly radio about this but i wanted to touch on it briefly here. see, back in the mid-to-late 80's and early '90s we had cats like aaron hall and keith sweat who'd croon to the ladies because that was the main demographic buying their records. even now, cats like r.kelly and jon b. will cater more directly to the ladies in their songs--i'm cool with that because that's who the record is aimed at.*

*what i have a prob with is the rapper/ladykillers running around with their hearts on their sleeves proudly displaying their tricking abilities for the world to see...ahem, t-pain, weezy, damn near any new rapper that's out now.*

*not saying that you can't be nice to a woman and show genuine interest, but "making it rain" really don't equate with that patna. all it does is show that you equate money with sexual favor and outside the club, you ain't got nothin' for 'em.*

*a few bandwagons jumped later, it seems that we're becoming more and more dependent on outside influences to aid our social interactions.i like seeing chicks making they booty clap just as much as the next guy but i ain't paying for it.*

*and yes, it is STILL tricking if you got it. Even if you got it like Jay-Z got it.*

If you really wanna do something with that money you throwing up in the air take a look at this:*

*make it rain in the HOOD*

from New Moon daughter:

Heard one song, heard em all.
I don't like Lil Wayne. I don't like what he rhymes about. I don't like his delivery. I don't like his voice. I don't like his look. I don't like his beats.
I grew up in the Bronx and have a respect for the real hip hop. People who have mastered the art. Rhymes that have a purpose. True Storytelling. True Flowing. I have deep regards for: KRS-ONE, RAKIM, EPMD, SLICK RICK, MC LYTE, M.O.P., JAY-Z, NAS, BIGGIE, PAC, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, JUNGLE BROTHERS, DE LA SOUL, MOS DEF, COMMON, TALIB, JEAN GRAE, THE LOX, LITTLE BROTHER, and all the others who are real EMCEES.
Lil Wayne is a faker.
I'm basing my opinion on the fact that he's whack.

Alright well even though I maybe venting I don't want this too come off as just hating and ranting, because there's really no point to that. I guess more what I want to say is that call it what it is, and it's fine too listen to this music too relax from your long day, but that's all it is: music- it doesn't have a point, its pretty much a feel good song that's got a good beat. There's really nothing wrong with that except that it's filling up the radio and in my opinion homies like Do Dat of the Attik crew and EyeASage and Bambu and Ise Lyfe and K-Swift and all the folks that are actually speaken about real shit and have a better flow should be getting more play than these snap ya fingaz club banging rappers, but thats just me, and the rest of the underground hip hop head world.

Just to show that this wasn't a completly anti T-Pain post heres this, I think if your gonna have a career based on bringing back something thats already been done and making club songs that don't say nothing but that you got drunk and tried to get at a girl, at least you can laugh at yourself:

"Im not saying that shit, fuck that" had me rollen

whats with non-bay area rappers thinking they bay, aw it takes way more to change the beat to do it how we do in the bay but nice try:

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