Thursday, October 2, 2008

When white people sometimes need to shut the f*ck up!

Disclaimer: this is me venting but it is all true and based from my experience...

There are some things white people (myself included) have no right to say. This is pretty basic that anyone i respect would already know but ima speak on it:

1. I don't care if you grew up in the hood and ain't never even seen a white person, or you think its ok because you only say it in the privacy of your own home, there is no circumstances where it is ok in my book for a white person to use the n word. as far as white people having an opinion on the words use I don't think its a white persons place to tell a black person they cannot or should not use the word it just comes off as a "if i can't do it you can't do it thing."

2. Don't speak as if you have suffered from racism. Someone getting hated on because there white is not the same thing as the immense amount of racism that is seen around the world against anybody of color. So yes make it your issue just as much as the next person to be against any kind of racism, and yes care that your neighbors don't get treated the same as you, but don't try to act like you know what it is to be non-white in America if you don't. With that said if you are a white person who is actually down enough to want equality to the extent of willingness to give up your privileges, then speak on that, that puts you in a in between category (like myself) your privileged until you open your damn mouth and then your politics change that.

3. Just because there is a back lash from ingrained racism in the country does not give white people the right (even if there repeating it cause they heard a black person say it) to make fun of a darker skinned person or applaud someone for having "good hair". This is just an example of the many systems that are ingrained in black culture due to some racist crackers back in the day so just cause a white person isn't saying it doesn't mean its not from racism.

4. If I ever hear another white person say "why is there no white history month" there's gon be some problems. I was sitting in a movie theater last year and it happened to be black history month and thier was a commercial (i think it was Coca Cola) that was honoring notable African Americans in history by saying different invention and achievements and then showing their name and picture, me and Phil were having fun seeing if we could get them alright (we did) and then I heard it, from two white guys sitting behind us, "What, aw dude why isn't there a white history month?". Phil had to hold me back. First of all k-12 and then some in college we learn about white history month and when its not on white history its white washed so thats why!!! I have also heard a white person say "there should be a WET"... how about FOX or the entire media, white people who complain because they notice systems or programs implemented to make the world a little more equal (affirmative action) need to shut up and stop complaining, or take a walk in someone elses shoes...

5. Just because a person of a "minority" race doesn't want to hang out with you and would rather be around people that they look like, and wouldn't have to worry about representing their whole race, doesn't make them racist. Somebody had the nerve once ( i think he was drunk at the time) to call out a good friend of mine because he thought he enjoyed kick n it with black folk (his same race) more, or that he let his black friends get away with clowning on him but didn't let this white guy do the same. He thought that made my friend racist. that reminds me which goes with #4 with student associations on campus I can't tell you how many times I've heard a white person point out when they see a flier for a club like "Black Engineers Alliance" as if it's ludicrous that at a college where there are seas of white faces at every lecture you wouldn't wanna find some folks that represent you. Come on now foreal put yourself in someone elses shoes and while doing so acknowledge the system.

6. If I hear another white person say "they were trying to act black" first of all what the hell does that mean your going to classify a couple of limited stereotypes to an entire people. Foreal? Whether you think your complementing someone or insulting them by saying that, its still wrong.

7. this has nothing to do with anything but I think its weird when i see white people with fake tans, so they think its cute to be orange???

8. If you are describing people and you are looking for descriptive words can you try to not always put negative comments and black in the same sentence. I guess because i grew up where saying someone was black was describing most of the room but it always burns my ears a little when i hear "the BLACK guy" and then some negative comment, and if your gonna a start a sentence with "Im not racist but..." that sentence should not be continued, and whatever you were going to say is racist you probably just were never called out on it, either because you were sheltered, or the people that had a problem with it were so damn tired of calling people out, cause there seems to be way more ignorant folks out there than racially educated and hungry for equality people.

So this is mostly to let out my frustration being in southern cali around some ignorant ass white folks, who don't realize I don't think like them even tho I kinda look like them. I'll let other people speak on it but I just wanted to put out there that there's a time where every one should speak up and then sometimes white people go too far and that's when they need to stop. And please believe i make it my problem when i hear people talk bad about a race just cause that's not my race doesn't mean it ok, I'm against any type of hatred or discrimination.

(note: the word cracker was used in this document only as a joke i think its funny and honestly I think white folks in general could use a little humbleing when refering to there own race...


Luis Medina said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

People say White people are afraid to be racist. I wish it were true, I really do.

And just because my people, or some other non-White people, do a boneheaded thing doesn't mean you've discovered a secret commonality among all of said people. No one thinks all White people watch NASCAR or that all White people are wealth suburbanites. White people don't even think anything about White people in general at all, they let each other speak for themselves for better or for worse.

Thanks for this post.

wren said...

Hey Luis, so true. I'm always so annoyed when white folks think that normal is a white washed version of the world...I could go on all day...