Friday, October 17, 2008



Heartless (Snippet) - Kanye West


I would be heartless if i ever lost him
cause he's the one and I'm knowing
that if he's going i am
hurting like being in the dessert and thirsting
even if on the outside I'm not showing
with out him I would be so lonely
cause he's the one by my side
that holds me every night...

When its late at night

and my mind and soul fight
I can't sleep like sirens
and gun shots is haunting me
but really its just me
vivid images of everything
from the blood on the cement
to the blood on sand of kids in the dessert
feeling pain but I would never admit
to it so we smile but you can see the pain in our eyes
But I can't shut my eyes i stay up late writing rimes
But what is that gone do,
I feel heartless
I can't rest
In the night I feel the presence
of all those we lost in the streets
I may repeat some words cause I feel the same
but I gotta make change get these cold thoughts of the brain
Aim for the sky, i try but what they hell for
when the rich kids ride round with everything handed to em and
I could work my whole life and never live that grand
am I heartless cause I don't shed tears no more
when I hear about another one gone
or is this just my defense mechanism
cause this world is so wrong

when did I loose my soul
I don't know
well never
and i will never severe
my conscious from me
that means I will always be free
and speaking against injustice
and making music they label as
conscious that means its not non sense
---W.R. 10pm Freestyle Friday-typing of the dome...
so I ain't heartless
but i saw that dumb ass movie W
and they tried to force sympathy
on the worst president in history
when he
has blood on his hands
why the fuck should we give a damn
cause it's all a part of a master plan
so to the murderers and CEO's
and those that hurt others to gain power
to the womanizers and rapists wife beaters
schemers, scammers, and anyone throwing
money in the air
when there's homeless people everywhere
who can't eat and sleep on the street
I ask
How could you be so heartless

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