Wednesday, October 1, 2008

P is for Politicin: VP Debate 2nite

So plan on uploading a series of sketches and ink portraits of Barack but I think its important that to stress that he is so much more than an image of hope so:

First off: I'm tired of hearing Barack supporters doubt him so I had to change this blog and check myself, because I was sounding a little doubtful. The presidential debate showed just how capable Barack is, if anybody had any doubts, and now we will see just how inadequate

Palin is. So even though I want to express how much I beleive in Barack and think that he will win the election, I want to stress and encourage you to get involved. makes it very easy to volunteer in whatever way works for you. (And I practice what I preach even though I don't sleep, and don't have enough hours in the day like most busy folks, I still volunteer by making phone calls when I can).

When I was a FPAC me and Braia chatted it up with the lovely folks at the Filipinos for Obama booth. For more info check them out at:

In these last weeks before the election I would encourage folks that think there is nothing they can do to think a little outside the box. Maybe there is people you know who would vote but think that it will not make a difference, just speaking out about it can make a difference. Everybody knows Ima a "talker" I constantly speak out against wrong doings in the communtiy, the government, and know that it effects us. I've had people tell me that I knew when I was younger that me telling them about what I was involved in politically or artistically had an impact on them. You won't see a immidiate reaction but its there!

Check out the homie Ms. Krish's blog at for a nice write up on the vp debate and be sure to tune in tonight if you can, I will be stuck at work so I'll catch it later tonight.

If you didn't watch

Michele's speech at the convention, nows theres a woman capable and inspiring!

Now the whole world is laughing at Palin and I think it's important to note that this is just another Mccain tactic and a republican tactic we have seen again and again. But it ain't gone work this time so republicans can continue to give

Saturday Night live skits material but just remember it is a plan and the last 8 years of having a "funny president" have cost a lot of lives and a lot of jobs, and don't even get me started on the "governator".

we voten OBAMA and thowing it up

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