Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty Girl Movement

So why is it that claiming your pretty (even if someone's boyfriend doesn't think so) is liking asking people to HATE on you. Is is peoples insecurities, or a trend to keep women down...

you can press play and have this song as the soundtrack to my post
I love that she paid homage to some pretty girls through out time.
The T-Boz one was my favorite!

A few weeks ago i had dinner with a family friend and her sweet mom who was visiting from the east coast. Both are beautiful women with short hair, always stylish and fashionable. At one point we were all in awe of the gorgouseness of the wisest woman at the table (she's in her 80's) because she was glowing. Her response was quick and it seemed that she took the complement and quickly denied it saying that she couldn't believe it. This started a conversation about how women since day one are taught to not hold their head high or they will be hated on. I remember when i got caught blowing kisses at myself in the mirror when i was about three and was immediately talked about for having a "big head." I learned to not show my ecstatic confidence in public for fear of persecution from my peers mostly women. I have a distict memory of over hearing someone telling a family member that i was "cute but you shouldn't tell her or she'll think she's all that." Now Im not saying girls need to grow up thinking a red carpet is necessary for her highness, but whats wrong with a girl embracing her physical beauty.

Apart of me feels its a society marketing conspiracy : if we make women feel they are not then we can make them buy hella products because they will believe they need them to be beautiful. We will make them feel they need to get there "nails did, hair did, everything did," to replace that emptiness by feeling fancy.The other side to this is when you add race into to it. Although over time its gotten better with more women of all races to show that beauty comes in all color, it still encourages a "white washed version." I feel lucky to have been raised in the bay where there's a lil bubble where its a plus to have a lil more junk in the trunk, and looking unique is complemented, but theres still issues in what women are raised on regardless of what community, or the medias influence.

Sometimes it seems like just by being a woman when you walk in the room, is a invitation for everyone to comment on the physical. That's why all though it may be corny im feeling Keri Hilson's song "pretty girl rock." I wanted to also share a few photographs of my friends who are fresh inside and out.

Adia lives in the bay and has done photo shoots in Portland, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles to book her email She's one of the nicest people i know and definitely one of the prettiest.

Next up: Siaira Shawn is a multi faceted, talented individual, promoter of unique looks, stylish, what more can i are by pretty girl Adenike (more shots can be viewed at AdenikeShotMe )

And last but not least i've been spending every free moment making art (hella) inspired from the art show I went to Friday you can check the pictures here and I wanted to share some paintings that I think work a illustrators for the pretty girl movement cause there of women and there GORGOUS. check em and check the art of Joshua Mays at

I think there's nothing wrong with encouraging confidence and embracing of ones beauty.
With that said someone who looks nice get real ugly in my eyes when they aren't to pretty on the inside and act in ways not desired. Nothing wrong with loving the way you look ladies... Pretty Girl Movement!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The singer song writer and all around fly girl has recently returned to Oakland to make more
music in the homeland. I look forward to see what is to come for this young star, who has already commanded stages and collaberated in cities across the us: Chicago, and Atlanta. This video and song captures the feeling a lot of us young twenty something folk who ventured away from the bay to study feel, we love the bay, we kinda wanna go, but we hella wanna stay.

Portrait of Janelle Monae

Portrait of Janelle Monae , originally uploaded by wrenrobb.

unlike the last portrait i did of this talented woman, this is rough. My goal here was to focus on the feeling and powerful energy of a performance.

musica through your headphones

musica through your headphones , originally uploaded by wrenrobb.

water color on marker
by Wren

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Music: Love Pain & Music

Let me start by saying I'm not a pop fan at all, but I make an exception for folks like Netta Brielle because its HipPop at its best. The whole mixtape is dope...please check the whole thing out if you haven't already Here
The flow and collaboration of the production makes for a really good listening experience. She starts off by getting you to nod ya head and turn it up with Screamin.' She keep showing her love for 80's with Electric Love which is silly and fun all around good jam.I love the All i want is you cover (that i just posted). I always like when people do phone calls on a mixtape cause it just works, and its especially dope when it leads to a banging beat with Breathe. "Pushing Away" just might be my favorite and i can picture a video of it on trl and 106&park in other words it needs to hit some charts up. I'm glad she brought back"Tonight." She hits us with the Pain part of the tape with "Deceitful Love" the lyrics paint the struggle of knowing it ain't right to be with someone but feeling like you can't walk away, trying to muster up that strength to leave. Only right to be followed up with the hook "Try to let it go" (cause it ain't good for me) and then straight into "Deuces" she sounds good next to Chris Brown. Maybe this good be a foreshadowing of a music collaboration in this singers future. "Dance with You" and "Strobe Light" should be on every party mix from here on out. "Takeover" took me a second to get pulled into this one but once i did i Love it, and I think its Netta at her best and true to herself, with an Aaliyah vibe. "Im in Love with the DJ" is fresh (so dj's betta play that shit). I think she most definitely did "Glamourous Life" justice and its dope to have multiple bay artists do a song like that. I'm glad "Girlfriend #2" was covered cause now theres a female perspective, but i think the original version is WACK.

What do you think of "Inseparable"? I think it shows her vocal range and is a nice change of pace. "The One" is solid as well" and I love that she thanks everyone on the "Outro" and ends it with the message to hold onto your dreams and believe.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the bay has artists like no other

Artists here are like no other: beautiful collaborations, we have unique original style oozing out us, we start movements and say slang that the world copies, and we are slept on. But instead of blaming the industry I challenge the artist to push themselves to get the exposure they want.

I was talking with Niema (
twentysometing renaissance) the other day about that tired expression (that I've been guilty of saying too) where artists (especially rappers but artists of all forms) say: "The Bay don't support us" really? cause I see websites like 38thnotes dedicated to supporting artists, and hella people like myself that will by a box of cd's and sell it to where ever they happen to be cause they want to spread the message and see their talented Bay Artist get up. Sure we have haters and people not so willing to support others, but that's everywhere.

(thinking solutionary how can artists remain to pay homage to their homeland and not limit themselves to an underground world with less exposure)

With that off my chest we do have some hella hella hella talented artists that need to be shining cause they are stars. I am working on a mixtape with the homie Jean Marie (really beginning stages but soon ill have something for you) so I am especially loving this collaborative cover of All I want is You: (originally by Miguel) by Rafael Casal and Netta Brielle
with no further a do:

fresh right?

Shout out to local bay area artists
(just cause i haven't given you a dose of my love to promote the dope artist in a minute)
38thnotes team
true supporters of all good things Bay Area

Dom Jones: poet arts supporter, singer, song writer and much more

Netta Brielle and Kev Choice
both can Rap and Sing and stay making/releasing music everyday

Bay Area based singer songwriter Siaira Shawn

Get Back Crew: talented Poets / Music makes Rafael Casal, Chinaka Hodge, Daveed Diggs

Dear Bay Artist,
your fresh! but don't limit yourself,
eat the world and stay hungry.
If you know this then go head and keep
making good art that represents US
Much Love,