Sunday, October 26, 2008

..::back in the day::.

these joints always have me thinking bout middle school and elementary when it was pagers on the hip and knockers and braids in the hair, and candy from the liquor store, but i was born in '87 so some of these songs came way before me, but I am an old soul so i feel like these old school hop hop songs represent my child hood, i still remember wearing jellies and listening to sprinkle me, walking home from Glenview to my "not as good neighborhood" known as the dirty thirtys, hanging out with Dwayne hooping all day, I remember when me and my sister took a grocery cart and made it our go cart and ran round the neighborhood playing, and made a tree house out of a refrigerator box, and wanted to be like them older fly girls that were cross walk monitors with the white gloves like Micheal Jackson. When I played b-ball everyday, and drew ninja turtles with Jesse my homie from around the way. Tamara stuck to my sister like glue and they painted there nails, and we made up dances to TLC songs, and listened to Bone Thugs and Harmony on the daily, I, as always was a wandering soul who never stuck to one thing or one person, or one group. Still this day I cannot fit in one box and hold many titles. All this retro music coming out right now got me reminiscing, so all the people born in the 80's this is for you. and Kid Sister does it well like with this ish right heeeere:

i love her flavor...(1:09- the other half of Yellow Cakes my homegirl Kara's group in the Chi)

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