Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Free-(day) Style

In honor of Halloween

I wish-

I wish I could go back in time and save every single one of my homies that ain't with us, I wish I could go back in time and right every wrong and all the many acts of injustice, I wish I was bullet proof so i could save all the youth that were taken to soon: then: I wish I could have been there to block the bullet that took Meleia Willis Starbucks life, I wish I could have been there in LA when some punk tried to stab my man with a knife, I will never stop fighting for peace and all my homies are the reason, I won't stop can't stop until we have won, And I wish I coulda been there to protect my lil bruh when that kid held him up with a gun I am not talking just to talk or making songs just to sing I am trying to make some change Don't think I'm just trying to make my name and act like this shits a game and just for fun I am targeting anyone who is racist, violent towards women, like the brat brat brat of a gun Or just ain't doing shit when they see it being done, cause let’s face it what’s the difference. So I am speaking on it ain't never scared like I dare you to say something, I want to promote discussion like it’s your favorite function, and keep people wondering, why is the system this way, So then everyone will say, today is the day, change and peace will come for me when everyone of every color is free

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