Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new video from Rafa :::: SPITTER

A few years back Won Way and Do Dat brought you SPITTAS and there is a new wave rising from this very talented family of bay area emcees that have such flow and lyrical ability's you are immediately spit with the sickness and if you get in there vicinity you might just start spitting better because of it (no wonder they gotta say: Get Back)

Rafael Casal continues to show his versatility and musical ability's with this one right here. Check the cameos of Solja, Do D.A.T, Netta Brielle, Chinaka Hodge and many more. So much talent in this video. Go head and turn it up a lil with this here song the answer to what's a spitter?
(check lady Spittas soon)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For all the Fathers, and folks honoring them...

The musical genius .:iamani:. put together a mix that honors fathers. It has some wonderful audio from when his little sister was born and commentary from his pops, fresh fathers day jams, as well as some original music and more. Very fresh check it.Whether you know your father well, and get to tell him on this day, or he has passed away, we are all included in this holiday, in the supporting of brothers, suns, cousins, fathers, men who have children to be the wonderful Love Warriors they know how and have all the power in the world to be. Here you go...WALK RIGHT UP TO THE SON:

via: Iamani
"made this beat like 6 or 7 years ago...

i sampled the Delfonics "Walk right up to the sun",

wrote the song last night (the night b4 i finished this mixtape) been milling in my mind for a while's rough, expect a polished version when the time is right...

that's my poppa and my little sister on the track ("poppa", "yeah", "thank you sweetie")

been crazy going through my family videos watching myself and my family, great tool to gain perspective...

it's been 20 years since my pops died, my brothers were 18 and 12, i was almost 7, my sister was 22 months old, ...we've been reeling and healing ever since....

my mama said we had a spirit daddy...thank god for that, his death and my need to stay close to him kept me in close contact with the other worlds, with my own spirit, with my god"...

<a href="">Walk Right Up To The Son by :::iamani i. ameni:::</a>

Friday, June 18, 2010


Greetings Beautiful People!
Two events that I would be honored to have the present of your presence at 1. An all women art show going down Saturday 26th that I am apart of...we just confirmed along with myself Milani and Dyanamic that Chinaka Hodge will be rawking the mic. and 2. PRECITA EYES art show at Wonderland Gallery in SF. Flyers and more info below...

RSVP (here)

RSVP (here)

Im so honored to be shareing mics with the likes of Chinaka Hodge, Orukusaki, Cio Castaneda, DyanaMic. These two events would not be possible if it wasn't for Mercedes (TRES MERCEDES) and Eli (FREE) two artists themselves working to let the community see some beautiful creation (we) Put our heART into...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Get Physical - just went to the release of this ridiculously fresh mixtape::: I LOVE this song and ever other one on this mixtape you can chech it here (click) I got to witness some of the process of this beautiful collaboration, ever so inspiring how two ladies can come together and spit out their talents to create something we couldn't even wish for - makes ya wanna listen to this more huh? don't snore...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

(Everything) In Between

Siaira Shawn performing one of my favorites from her brand new album. This song runs through my mind at time when I think of what makes me - me. At times of feeling alone or different in my dreamer artist ways these here melodies have been the witness testimony that the ones that are different who go against the tides exist and are beautiful: with no further a do for you---> Miss Siaira Shawn

Friday, June 4, 2010

the unthinkable

The "unthinkable" after a while becomes the norm - after enough brave souls challenge it - progress occurs and we move forward. The other night after having a long discussion about impression - racial stereotyps - and police brutality - after Phil got pulled over for stopping on a yellow - I turned on the t.v to the movie little rock 9. I know the story well it was one of the first books I read at a really young age and I had never seen the movie. All the pictured scenes of the harassment those brave young students face were visually captured.

In my life time I have seen nothing of the sort - especially not in the Bay - or Oakland to be more specific. But I have seen division based on race - or the the block you claim - the color you wear. I had the privilege and curse of always being mistaken for the other. When every latino person had to sit on one side of the cafeteria - and all the black folks had to stick together or their character would be questioned - I was the other - as long as I didn't shine to hard or snitch on nobody I was reasonably safe. Safe as in run towards home base. Everytime someone saw my light white face as a threat I had an awareness it was not me but all the messed up folks that looked kinda like me in history. Because of the MLK speeches, Harriet Tubman poems and to kill a mockingbird Little Rock Nine books I had read due to my activist family and Oakland Public Schools - I had an awareness before the age of 8 that many struggles I was spit with were backlash to the history of injustice in this country.

I think just based on Mathematics I have not had a huge amount of white friends - or partners. So my experience with the dating world has always been interacial. There has always been the talk about if either of us has a family member that would not approve. Just in the way that I identify as the other - the people I have chosen to date - have almost always been a mixture and thus had the similar feeling of disconnect or difference from their community - based on their culture at home and the way they look.

It was unthinkable to a lot of folks 5 years ago that we could have a Black President - that was actually somewhat down. It was unthinkable 50 something years ago that the norm would be de-segratgated schools - I often never have the "look how far we've come" mentality - because I know there is a lot more (work) we must do, but reference is good motivation for me to keep pushing.

At first glance I thought this was just another visually appealing video by miss Alicia Keys - but I guess the head space I was in after this week I saw something more in it. I have often imagined what it would have been like to live in a time less progressive, its one of the reasons I feel so blessed to be alive right now. I like her vision for the video and how it travels through time and even though society has changed it is still - Unthinkable