Monday, May 24, 2010

im writing to tell you what Im writing for

...or to tell you why i haven't written. I dont want this to come off as a pity party (never that) but i been busy. Been through a lot. and I'm glad for every struggle, every moment, because I am happier than I've even been.

I have my art up at Mazu and I am laying out a calendar for Art Shows and Music Shows and everything so check back soon. WRENAGADE - promoting myself and as always all my homies.

"I pay homage to the folks that paved the way but scuse me while I get my shine on, now is the time, and we gon shine, Ima star, your a star, its the cosmos sucka it aint luck yall i was sent to this earth to burst onto this stage, break chains, and make change, by beautiful mean----"
-WRENAGADE RHYME - WRENAGADE VERSE check back for downloadable musica sooner than you think

for now check the flickr i just uploaded some shots from Malcolm X Jazz Fest
more to come...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My first show in the ity bity city

Im taking off the blogger- journalistic - fan of freshness: hat. and stepping on stage as an all around artista for my first show in the ity bity city. This is my first time live painting in the city and first time ever performing as a WRENAGADE in San Francisco.

If you don't know: I was raised in Oakland but lil known fact i was born in the city at mount zion hospital and attended highschool there so the CITY most def. has a piece of my heart from the start. SOOOOO ----->IT GOES DOWN tomorow night Please come thru if you wanna see some live art and my brand new orininal musica.

which Miss Melina Jones herself put me on to. Its Filipino owned
and has some amazing dishes, all around a fresh place to be.
I would be honored if you would come out and support.
Heres a video to get a taste for it

Check the website for info and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This Thursday its going down in the town. After an amazing year of Oakland in Blue shows, video premiers and all around FRESHNESS in anticipation for DAT's album - its come this week.
For those who don't know - or want to know more here is Do D.A.T. himself speaking about what exactly OAKLAND IN BLUE is all about.

Monday, May 10, 2010 secret hiding place

everybody gotta have a least one
secret hiding place
where i go to meditate, sing, and paint
i want this place to stay secret
(or at least stay known to only the folks that know it)
but i wanted to show a few flix frm my last trip

Something got lost in translation when we built cement all over mother nature, now we can only get a glimpse of a gem when we pump gas into a four wheeled robot and "go camping" i love this life, this time, this mind, this sprit, but sometimes a pieces of me wishes i was born in a land or a time where i could wake up to trees rooted in the ground surrounding me, or the ocean, or natural sound of the creek water. My secret hiding place has a lil pinch of nature and (HELLA) graffiti ----> so im set for life with inspiration....this place is some kind of amazing...

Por Favor - Merci Bou Coup ----> Shhhhh if you know where it is keep it a secret. Evertime i go back i find for cigaret butts and broken bottles and trash...The older i get the more it pains me to see folks littering the earth - for it either to kills an animal or just gross to look at, from working with the organization Community Rejuvenation Project - I have more pride in cleaning up my community and painting because I see how it makes others take pride in their community and overall improve the energy and scenary of the space.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swagger Jackers Get Back!

(click the pic to LISTEN)

Rocky Rivera and Talia Taylor team up on this one to rep for bay girls coming with and overload of original flows and much that people tend to jack a lil. I heard the track over at the Attik house when Talia was laying down her verse. I'm honored to call both of these talented Lady Spittas friends. They both hold there own in the arena, dismantling stages for years, rawking fresh gear, overall repping for the whole bay area from the Town to the ity bity city.