Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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((OAKTOWNS FINEST is how i introduce the homies in music that are ridiculously talented. We got talent in my homeland and I am on a mission to let folks know cause it seems like the world is sleepn on the most finest talented artists out there. From Jennifer Johns, Do Dat, Mystic, Siaira Shawn and Netta Brielle and hella
more we got hella talent in the BAY! It comes natural to promote the folks I am around or that are from the city I was raised in, and these are also all folks I would love to work with musically as well as artistically eventually))

NETTA REPS BERKELEY AND OAKLAND and she reps it well...


Rather than give you my take on her I will let her tell you herself CHECK the video:

Netta Brielle is holding it down and repping for the Bay. She said it herself she is creating her own sound that is Urban Pop. This sound is one that even if you are not a fan of "pop" (which Im not usually) you can get down with her music. I am inspired by her speaking out, like all folks in Oakland who have lost friends and family members to violence and channel that into there art to keep on. It is our job as artists to paint peace (as told to me by Ms. Jen herself) there is already a lot of hate in music speaking on the way things are, so I mos. def. support any artist who takes that pain from experiences and created positive music.

and check her out on twitter
you know im on ther @wrenagade

and check her out LIVE July 4th @ PIER 23

and peep 'DIRTY BOYS' video shout out to George and Gina i see yall in the video...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Micheal Jackson Lives On.


Micheal Jackson lives on through his songs, and should be remembered for all the good he gave to this world. The first song I ever performed was "you are not alone." I find comfort in those lyrics. The most inspirational song that Micheal Jackson sang to me is Man in the Mirror. I love all MJ songs but that one holds a special place in my heart, because if you take the words in it is encouraging change in such a beautiful way.

The woman behind this amazing song is Siedah Garrett. She wrote man in the mirror for Micheal Jackson to sing in hopes it would change the world. Who I just had the honor of meeting and hearing her sing as well as speak about this song, and working with Micheal Jackson. She said that knowing that Micheal Jackson [because of his amazing talent] had and has a platform that the world can hear, she wanted to give him a song that really could change the world.

She is an amazing woman, I feel blessed to have met her. And Micheal lives on through his songs and all the artists that are so inspired by his songs, style and all that he did.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is one of my favorite songs of Bambu's album EXACT CHANGE because I love when people call people out for being fake, and I love when people keep it real...

Bambu - "Quit" Produced by iLLMind from LightWork Media on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I AM inspired by...

Heres some visual artists I have come across recently (the past few years) who I LIKe. After having my first art sho (a collab project with the homegirl Katiana at theATTIKhouse) It feels good to hear that I have my own style. With that said the skys the limit in terms of how my own art will evolve, especially as I grow as a designer and a music artist...

Check there artists out...

John B

From graffiti on the streets to galleries to the School of Visual Arts, John Breiner has been around the block in the New York art scene. He's only been out of school for three years, but he's been studying art since way back. His more recent work is painted onto the end pages of old books, a way of spanning time by adding his modern expressions to a small part of history. Maybe the oddest thing about his work is that it doesn't feel particularly inspired by the city, which is unusual for graf artists who practically breathe asphalt. Color and negative space are the two main aspects of his work, and he executes both very well. His site is packed with work so visit www.johnbreiner.com and get yourself a dose.

Another artists that I like, that reps for the BAY, and his art can be found on t-shirts, shoes, wall art, and even shower curtains is Sam Flores.

And last but mos def not least Alfie, who I met last year at FPAC and I am a fan of her art ever since. She def. holds her own with style, and never ceases to amaze, and stays having her art featured @ shows aroung the LA area so Check her out...

From her website:
Alfie's style is best described as underground urban. Much of her influences come from the Los Angeles culture buzzing around her- the music in her Ipod, the Pilipino Family dynamics, graphic design, city life, the diverse multi-cultural population, 60's-70's cartoons, mythology, and Frida Kahlo. Alfie's current series focuses on keeping the belief of love alive, in all its forms, levels and complexities. For questions and inquiries, you may email her at iam@alfienumeric.com

There is no limit to what I am inspired by but these artists deserve props for holding there own and giving me hope that as an urban lover of hip hop sister song bird from the bay, I mite be able to see some of my dreams materialize...

These three artists are all very unique and have a piece of themselves in all their artwork, but do it in a fly way that speaks to like minded folks. Support artists foreal.

As a fellow lady artista I am escpecially inspired by Alfie for all she does check her out on the blog scroll ALFIE: I Bleed Words Till I am Read All Over... ONE LOVE


Saturday, June 20, 2009


First off this is in no way making excuses for a man that is acting out, and being disrespectful to women. I think that we hold women very accountable for there actions from the get, but when a man is young or has been through some struggles we are overly sympathetic. Either way it goes with music artists no matter how rude they are, there music is separate from them. So Yes I would rather that the man who made Brooklyn Girl was a loving gentleman down for his sisters, I am not surprised...

Honestly this video made both Charles Hamilton and the Lady look hella dumb.

So without showing you too much more of this dude acting out i Give you IllDoctrines -Operation Ignore CHARLES HAMILTON

Monday, June 15, 2009


First off a big THANK YOU goes to the lovely folks that stay at the ATTIK house for letting myself and Katiana host our art sho and basically take over the space for the past week, yall are fam but it has to be said that I feel honored and very appreciative!!!! Here some flicks to get my small piece of the magic that occured this past SATURDAY at my first Art Sho ever. almost everything that consider my art is inspired by music and the ones that I LOVE some portraits of Oaktowns finest, RIP my heart out collection, some political, some honoring those who are no longer with us, an expression of I and all i have experiencedl, the (he)ART comes through me it is not fully mine to claim (although it takes up hella my time and I am perfecting my skills) i give credit to the beauty around me and I, all that I am inspired by...all photography in this sho is Katiana from her travels to Cuba as we celebrate her bday and her send off back to the island... All art is Wren aka WRENAGADE...dont ever think this is all we got this is just the beginning from the art to the singing and theres so much more to come Ya heard!!! THANKS to SIAIRA SHAWN for blessing us with her voice as well as all the folks that shared at the OPEN MIC!

(more flicks n thangs coming soon...check BACK)