Thursday, October 2, 2008

"free style'n which I rarely do, this is what I'm telling you.."

Slim's single but I had to do my own twist to it. In honor of *Freestyle Friday* here is Soul Fly (hopefully this will get recorded and be a collab project-Wrenagade & EyeASage production YeeeH): I had to write over Slim's So Fly (and call it Soul Fly)
Cause my soul is fly

I mean I have a fly soul
and I'm an old soul

Listening to funk and soul
Bumping from my trunk
so loud it makes my soul thump
but sometimes I feel my soul is gone
cause we lost to many homies in these streets,
so we be rap'en and singing

pouring our soul over these beats
So that we don't feel like its for nothing
so that we don't feel defeat:

Fresh out the shower

smelling all good
Less than an hour
to get fly

Got things to do
Time is money
(im)Sweet like honey
but ya can't taste (im taken)
it's a new day
Don't waste it

I'm up early
time to meditate
get my sh*t together
by day break
I'm on my way
I am found
Near the sound

of underground Hip Hop
and we won't stop
speak en against hatred
I'm talken to the young folks
Gotta make some change
throughout this nation

and it starts with the next generation
But that's basic
you already know
and like I already said I got soul
so I'm soul flyyyyyyy....

...ya thought that you were soul fly
cause you had lots of kicks with new soles
but what can clothing and shoes really do for you
you might look fly, but you selling dime bags to get by
and up in the club tipsy and high
when some dude named Slim

told you to get with him
you think you have everything
but there's just one thing
deep down in ya soul
you just don't feel whole

your so insecure
you let him hit it and quit it
now you just ain't sure
so gotta take that test
ya whole life's a mess
so focused on the physical

but let that stress rest
and get ya soul right
so you can feel tight
in you own skin

then you will win
I ain't been there
but I been down
but like a bird
now I fly high
with my soul-ful wings

knowing the limits
to how much superficial things bring...

***Note:yes I'm biting off of 106&Park with free style friday but Friday is my free day so at the very least I will post once a week, and I know its Thursday but I just felt like freestyling=typing off the dome****I come even harder when I'm flowen from something pre-written in case you was planning on dissing...

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