Friday, October 10, 2008

free-style friday

i like to walk along the street with my boo and have him call out things to rime, just for kicks to see how long and I can flow (disclaimer: I'm not a rapper, I'm a songwriter... but this is just for fun)

it's friday my only free day
so Ima say what I wanna say
im mad that both vp's dont support gay
marriage, that's f*cked up and I'm wearing
my Obama t-shirt thinking a change gon come
but its gon take a lot more then him to have won
not saying that I don't pray for that shit with every rising sun
but when there's a liquor store on every corner as well as a gun
shop in my hood, we need exact change like what that man bambu
be talken bout on his album called exact change
Aw my bad I had to do another shout out
its in blood to be a promoter well sorta
its more in my blood to put up my fist
but not on some white power shit
never that in fact quite the opposite
as I sit type typing on my desktop
I think about how I won't rest up
till I have taught everything I can teach
and fought every peaceful fight
cause I ain't free until we all free
that was once told to me when I was three
at a protest by the women that raised me
and I'm from the place of the panthers so maybe
I'm moving like a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon
now I'm just saying random sh*t to have fun
I could go on and on like an automatic gun
firing words out in rhythm like the beat of a drum
but don't get it twisted I'm non-violently ready for action
I yell out One Love, cause I am whole not a faction or fraction
and if you think this is the end you are mistakun
cause this battle right here has just begun

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