Friday, August 21, 2009

Oakland in Blue

Its good to be back in the bay and get to see homies rawking stages that I'd usually be missing. Eveywhere I look I'm hearing fly song birds and dope Emcees from Siaira Shawn, Dom Jones, Jennifer Johns, Hopiespitshard, EYEASAGE, BambU, Mystic, Amani, Isis G, and Do DAT...The bay got talent there is always a new event being put together thats lovely and its beauituful to see folks getting Down in the Town. This Sunday will be no exception its going Down, I cant wait! Do Dat himself is having a listening parting for his new album OAKLAND IN BLUE, Come and expect to be in awe of dope flows and a new sound of Jazz and Hip Hop blended in a splendid way. Come check get a lil taste of this DOPE DEPUT ALBUM OAKLAND IN BLUE gaurenteed to be HELLA cool.

Friday, August 7, 2009

the place to BE

BAY AREA---->AIR LOUNGE ms. SIAIRA herself will be performing this is the place to be Monday night. Siaira Shawn is singing new material from her upcoming e.p. "The Outsider Inside" Which what I have heard I love. She will also be singing Happy Birthday to you Leos. I cant wait with this song bird on stage you know its gonna be good music. Come Thru!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Song Bird Ms. Dom Jones

(click the pic)Please check out the homegirl Dom Jones blog she stays writing dope pieces and making moves. From writing rimes singing harmonies making beats to speaking on panels she is making moves. I will mos def. be writing more posts on this song bird so check back...



A lil late with this but the Homies League 510 got a new video to check for. I'm glad to see them making moves.