Friday, October 3, 2008

maybe we should move to Canada...

I write this to vent after spending 3 hours in a hospital of Friday and for what?

Does anyone remember that movie Sicko by Mi
cheal Moore which discussed the health care system in this country and compared it to Europe and even the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay? Well I went to that movie and was shocked to see that for the first time in my life I was in a theater with a bunch of old people. I think we were the only people under 45 in the theater.

Anyway that movie was foreshadowing the year me and my partner have had with health insurance. I think its crazy that between us we have 10 nurses in the family but we can't get covered enough to have a freaking MRI. I still have a medical bill that I'm paying off. Anyway I don't want to rant because for the exception of this past year with being on crutches (my knee cap popped off) and some minor health problems I'm blessed to be pretty healthy but for those people in the U.S with major health problems something needs to be done.

I'm not saying that when Barack Obama is elected all this will change, and everyone will have a full service healthcare (with women coming to help you fold your laundry when your prego like in Sicko) but at least Barack gives me some hope that he wants to see people from all backgrounds, young, old, black white and in between, soldiers coming back from war, taken care of like they should. So after I spent 3 hours in the hospital today, to find out they know exactly what's wrong and exactly how to treat it, I have too watch the one I love in pain, because his insurance doesn't cover it. So as we were heading home we both looked at eachother and he said; "Maybe we should move to Canada."

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