Monday, October 13, 2008

that one bigot

Thank You to Adriel for making this video!: That One Bigot:

from AAA Fund Blog:

During last week’s presidential debate, McCain revealed his true attitude towards racial tolerance when he praised Teddy Roosevelt . The straight talkin’ “maverick” said squarely, “You know, my hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt.” Well, this Teddy Roosevelt character was an imperialist racist who, according to his frontier thesis stressed a racial struggle between “civilization” (white) and supposed savagery (people of color).

Teddy Roosevelt, a proud supporter of the Spanish American War and American imperialism, wanted to globalize manifest destiny. Following the Spanish American War Roosevelt fully advocated the annexation of the Philippines, the first real American effort to colonize an Asian country. Filipinos, fought for liberation from their once so called Spanish American War allies. As a result of the conflict, Filipinos, who fought side by side with American soldiers in the Spanish American War, were massacred, leaving hundreds of thousands of Filipinos dead and the country in shambles.

While fighting in the Philippines, American soldiers disrespectfully coined the racist slur “gook” to refer to Filipinos who resisted the American occupation of the Philippines, a term McCain uses freely still to this day. In his 2000 presidential primary run, McCain candidly told reporters that “I hate the gooks,” and “I will hate them as long as I live” when discussing his attitude towards the North Vietnamese prison guards he interacted with. McCain refuses to apologize for foul language.

the fact that this was actually a commercial is crazy and shows how much this country needs CHANGE!

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