Sunday, October 5, 2008

get get it...

This a good look for good hip hop, Pharrell and Common came with it on this one, maybe it's just cause my head is on architecture and design but the graphics to me seem abstractly architectural (not the robots although I'm digg'n them too). Might have to write over this one, we need more head bangers talking bout something, the flow is refreshing.

so here it is, been heard this song but just seen the video. im feeeeling it..."universal mind control"!!!
"I am a(w)renegade
I've never been afraid. Fresh and I'm gettin' paid
The future-future of this Age!

From the Chi, so I talk this way.
Twista hate at the Grand marquee.
Rock the faucet like everyday.
To the top and I'm on my way. Let's go, uh!
This is that new shit. Keep em' standing in line. That Universal Mind Control, now move your behind. You know you like it, it's calling your name. this is that new shit and it don't feel the same. its got that dang digga dang dang dang dang. dang digga dang dang dang dang. Bawitdaba da bang a dang digga digga. Bawitdaba da bang a dang dang "

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Anonymous said...

i love this song thanks for posting this