Tuesday, January 6, 2009


FROM THE DAY THEY PEPPA SPRAYED GERALD BAPES IN THE 4th GRADE--to Amadou Diallo getting a chest of boulders for pulling out his Money Holder to GARY labeled as scary for being Black as they Pulled on his Locks and SHOT him in the Back, watch the News paint Oscar as a Mobstar and let them pigs off this is why I freedom fight to defend HUman rights 4 PEACE 4 my fam my man my Homies Justice please for all! I will stay yell'n till I fall! I know putting my fist up. puts me at risk cause. the gov. got they black list but. its in my blood to protest and fight all inJustice!

On a day when folks are resolutioning and making plans making amends with the past year, this act of murder occured by my least favorite gang in this country---->>> the Oakland Police. I could go on all day about what I have seen (happen to my friends and based on this fucked up system, and I am fully aware that system keeps light skinned people like myself priviledged and others oppressed and I HATE that system...) But I'd rather let these folks right here speak on it:

As you know the tragic event that happened on fruitvalle Bart station on the first day of Jan 2009 have left a whole family saddened with the loss of a son, nephew, father, and many others without a dear one, a good friend. also a whole community is mad and angry specially after seeing the fallacy of the stupid news report that like always try to hide the truth from the public, as if that wasn’t enough the POLICE at the Bart station illegally try to confiscate cell phones from people that was filming that tragic event, enough is enough! FUCK THE POLICE!
Who is behind this blog? That is irrelevant, me as an individual can contribute so little but if a whole mass of people gets behind this, then that’s where it gets important on who is behind this, I really feel the impact when stuff like this happens and it is an obligation we all do something about it. I’m making this blog with the intention to channel all this abuses that the Oakland Police department perpetrates daily and with the goal that from now on the people from Oakland can get some kind of organizing to prevent these things to happen. This blog is open to whoever that wants to use it with the main goal to keep these pigs on check.
on YouTube video counts are being tamper with, on the news they are calling this incident an accident on the papers the same, the Police won’t say nothing and haven’t even release the name of the BART police who executed OSCAR GRANT.

Let’s use this platform to let them know what the fuck we the people are thinking about all their bullshit, lets express ourselves here and hopefully we can crystallize some type of coordinated actions from now on to counter this irate bizarre criminal behavior from the Oakland police or may I say from the fucking PIGS.

Along time ago I Personally was a victim of these pigs, they mistakenly mistake me and my friend with other two persons they were looking for and put their Glocks to our HEADS. I was young and single back then, now that I look back to that I realize how bad I was abused and if that stupid pig pulled that trigger I probably would not be writing this blog. so people, please SPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE, lets ORGANISE and show this PIGS that we are not Criminals and lets teach Them a lesson, they think they can use technology against us, let’s show them we can use it against them too, let’s show them that we are smart that w can organize and that all the bull shit and abuse they commit would NOT GO UNPUNISH OR UNOTICED BY THE ONES WHO PAY THEIR CHECK, WE THE PEOPLE!

WRITE SOMETHING, SPEAK YOUR MIND and it will be posted HERE with no censorship and no cover up like the fucking punk police and the stupid water down news. FROM NOW ON have a cell phone with a camera or a camcorder handy and when you see
Police Brutality and abuse in Oakland, Film it and document it! lets expose it to the whole world and to the city of Oakland here in this blog! any article you may want to get here just send it to: