Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This might be spoken on KPFA Next Friday, shout out to the folks at KPFA and OFF THE CHAINS RADIO I look forward to collabing in the future :


that women
that women
that women

Im that Sister that is quick to give you a complement
And will ride for my sisters whether they'd do the same or not
We, us women should be united and fighting together for what
We believe which is us being free and treated equally
Whether you sport a tube top in the winter thats real lo all exposed
or a splinter couldn't touch you cause you got baggy clothes hooded cloaks
Either way we should not be labeled as hoes
For being who we are, and i know we all got a scar
I got one on my torso, from the first time
I was called a bitch cause i didn't let him hit it
and a bruise on my leg from when
I didn't give him my digits when he tried to holla
So he decided to talk hella shit but to these lame dudes
Yall no yall need to quit it, and come respectful wit it.


I ain't the other women
ain't haten on them but im the wifey type
the never slept in nobody bed but my own
but those other fools wasn't sleepn but you know
But this ain't just about judgement, er labels and boxes
that men put on us women and all that damn criticism
imposed on me and all my sisters

Im that Girl quick to call out a playa playa that be claiming to be a lady lover
Honey you don't love her if you just get yo'd break hearts and slam the door
You creep and seep into the hearts of these girls and think cause
You don't hit her or call her a hoe that you was
doing her right, please i ain't a hater but
If you treat my sister wrong ima call you out
But sometimes it seems like no matter how much i shout
I am just screaming into the wind
And nobody is gonna hear me
No matter how articulate i am and how clearly
I speak it goes in one ear and out the other
When a women be speaking about her struggles


Im that bitch that tries not to say the b word
well depends tho sometimes bitch ain't a word that stings
Like you can call me Oaklands baddest Bitch that sings
Yeah thats cool but the minute you flip it and call a sis
some negative shit wit that word in it
Ima have ta introduce you to my fist haha
or better yet you call me a bitch
You can get bitch slapped
Please don't use those words that trap
Please don't put me in no boxes
im claustrophobic and that's obnoxious
cause i am so much more
than these labels you put on me
like a bitch or a whore
and the last time i checked
with the exception of girls that turn tricks
to feed they kids and pay the rent
There are way more men who be whoring
and sleeping around so put those labels down

I am that women that can play ball
Used to kick it in the hall
Late to class but always stay wit class
Speaking for the mass of us sisters
that r sick of being dissed
uh do you get the picture
Alright cool now i can conversate wit cha
And our words can connect and grow
I hope my future daughter
will not be robbed of her pride
by whistles and disses and haterade
from a brother of another mother

Yeah I'm dat Women Phenomenally fly
Naturally and Factually
I speak louder when surrounded by guys
Cause i know they gon try to outspeak me
But my voice may be higher or squeak mo then them
But My voice will peak over a base and a drum
and i won't stop speaken till the battle is Won

so you can paint me as a feminist
cause i speak freely but know this
we come in all colors
you can not fit me in that tiny box
Cause im bigger than that
Im everywhere you at

Yeah I'm dat women inspired by my sisters
from MC Lyte one of the ones that started the fight
Rocken the mic
Goapele bringing me close to my dreams
to Mystic who spits it and told me
to get it and sing it
Keyshia for being her and repping my hood
EyeASage one of the greats for making that music
to knock all day and repping the BAY
Jennifer Johns can do nada wrong
with pipes and wisdom to make anyone
wit ears wanna listen
i could go on all day cause theirs
hella women that do they thang
whether they rap or sing
film, or write, paint or freedom fight

Im that lady that you call shady cause i don't change the way
I am for you, We not submissive so you dis us
You talk shit to us then want to kiss us
Talk bout how you don't need us than you miss us
We ain't a toy for you to play
We fly so high and you just stay
We ain't air heads picking daisy's
and if we don't conform you call us crazy
Lady Be like a bird and spread yo wings
But you want to capture and cage us and call us things
But the way I talk n the way i walk I won't back down and put my face down
Nope. My head is to the sky and I will rise.
You say Im so sassy cause i ask thee what i want
Bossy cause I don't put up a dumb front
You claim im rude cause i speak like a dude
But if its a mans world than im speaken how i should
Call me a diva for doing what a hustla would
And oh no she didn't is what i get for saying what im thinking
Cause i speak on it and keep it real and say what i feel
A skirt or a tight shirt don't make me a lady baby.
We is so fly naturally comfortable in our skin, ain't we?
Always a lady maybe one day you'll open your eyes and see.

We dat woman thats gon make a change
So funk what you heard and get on the bus
And please show a little respect fa us
After all we is yo mama sister cuzin and
if you let us in we can be yo best friend

Dat Women