Saturday, January 24, 2009



Oakland's own Jennifer Johns is as fly as it gets.
Her words, songs, and hard work, up lift the local communty,
and the world. She represents true Hip Hop at its best, and is repping for the ladies in a major way, as a creative mind on her grind. Her talent has granted her much success as she tours the world, yet some how stays grounded down to earth, and honorably real. Recently she was part of the organizing for the local protests honoring Oscar Grant who was murdered by a BART police on New Years Eve at Fruitvale Bart Station. From the stage to the rally's her voice can be heard and lets listen!

"Jennifer Johns can do nada wrong
with pipes and wisdom
to make anyone wanna listen
I could go on all day
cause she is fly in hella ways
and shes got beauty for days
Repping the Bay
in the most ridiculous way
go head lady!"