Sunday, January 25, 2009

back to Skooolio!

after a much needed trip back to my homeland of Oakland I am back down in Long Beach. I start school manana and I am just getting back into the swing of things. While I was in Oakland I got to connect with some homeboys n homegirls who i been known, and made some new connects as well. I had planned on working at a non profit in the city, but when that fell thru the universe provided a whole lot of thangs for me to dig my fingas into. From organizing with my sisters and CAPE to bring justice for Oscar Grant, to all the art projects that are in the works, to recording at KPFA, and getting back into music. The people that I connected with influeced my mentality and allowed me to see things in a positive light again. I welcome Sincere my god daughter into the world, who is so beautiful and I am going to miss her and the whole fam bam...

I am all about like minds connecting and if you don't already know I am alway down to collab witcha on any level. After getting a little attention for speaking out and making art and performing, a lot of people were reaching out to me for advice. Some folks I was never able to get back to but know that when I get the chance I am always down to share my experience and any knowledge or advice I have to offer. Heres my last cheers for a while-2 Like minds, good rimes, new life, and honoring those who rise in peace, the sky's the limits.