Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing Photographer and Introducing Lady Spitta::: Plane Jane

ALERT: Plane Jane will be on the RADIO

...Woah woah woah on the radio, rhymes aint slow beats that go, different kinda sound, hug it like surround, hella energy, she's rocking a fresh cut and rep'en for that have nots make something out of nothing mentality like a pot luck, on the come up ready to make thangs happen, with the way she's living and rapping...

I am not the most avid radio listener these days but today I am excited to say the Homie PLANE JANE and ST SPITTIN will be bumping on 106 KMEL. These two are really going in and Plane Jane and myself are in the works with some collaborations as well. For now tune in at 11 and check her blog. I recently did a photo shoot with her out in Richmond California and I wanted to finally share a few of the photos with you.

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siaira said...

nice pics!