Friday, July 23, 2010

I heart the Bay

Recently I have been practicing the idea that I can play tourist in my own city (not by spending money on crap thats not worth it) but by appreciating where you live with brand new eyes like you've never seen it before. And the second part of this (kind of like this ideas reflection of itself) is to find home where you go when traveling.

Right there might just be the key to Happiness, or at least a great way to pursue it...
Here a few flicks i took from a day spent biking all over the bay including over the Golden Gate bridge:

after being uprooted from my homeland of Oakland while being in college in the LBC since 18 I've been in the Bay (living) for about a year and i have started to grow some roots. I'm moving towards creating my perfect home here, still not a place where i feel like creating at my full potential, so i got some work to do, but slowly but surely getting there...

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