Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art from the Heart

I make art from my heart (sometimes drawn into the piece) sometimes abstractly seen, but always put into it. This summer marks the second collaborative art show i have done where "HEART' was in the title, a lil bit more evidence to prove I am claiming my big ol heart to the fullest. The marketing and sell able decisions come much later after the piece has been sketched, re-sketched, inked, and painted (or whatever medium i chose). Sometimes this makes it tricky to sell art: looking back i have sold some pieces (of my heart) without really thinking about how much energy, thought, time, and love i put into the piece, more just thinking about eating that week.

So as i lean toward the only option i feel is my chosen path (the life of an artist: in every sense of the word) I start to feel the pull from the question: How will I do this to sustain (make money money).

The answer in part is with you (the folks that hold me down whether you read this or not) if you like my art you can either request it on a t-shirt or a print, or commission as custom piece. And definitely Right now I have three customers waiting on some very large pieces. I barely have a place to paint but I am steadily creating my space and with the vision of all my dreams working towards a place to call my own and all beautiful means to sustain...

I am more than happy to send Care Packages or Art Pieces to you where ever you may be.
Heres some pieces I made for the amazing miss Ruby who is currently living it up in Brooklyn. For those of you sleeping and don't know Ruby is a published author, Spoken Word artist (who's performed internationally) Fashionista, all around Fly Woman.
CLICK HERE to read her sweet post about the package i sent her (you can request one like it for some mula--->>(mostly to cover delivery and materials)

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