Thursday, December 24, 2009

this made my day..

This holiday season i have compared myself to the grinch a few times. Dont get me wrong I'm all smiles, i even sang a christmas song on sunday with the Homie Niema (after sippn on something lovely) and being serenaded by Siaira at Oakland in Blue i was even humming silent night to myself. But besides that i didnt really have to much christmas spirit. Could be a series of events that left me feeling without, or it could just be my way of recognizing that although i know things will all fall into place at the moment there is a lot still unsettled, before any celebrations can be done.
With that said im throwing away any negative thoughts for this lovely cup caken season and whole heartedly enjoy this christmas and holiday season (my family celebrates Hanukah, Xmas, and Kwanza) i got this in a txt from the homeboy Fire Thunder n'it made my day i found it funny...

(Click to see)

Things are on the up!!!
I wont be blogging as much with less access to a computer but you can holler at me on twitter. Ok back to creating the last of my xmas presents...

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