Sunday, December 6, 2009

if im keeping it 100..

I have a lil girl crush on Ms. Paula Patton. It all started when I was in line at a record store to get Robin Thicke to autograph his album and she was behind me in line (as a sweet surprise which i thought was really cute) she stole my attention (over Denzel) in the movie De then there was her appearance in her husbands music's been an ongoing thing since then.

I think she is an amazing actress and the roles she's cast in just keep getting better and better. I had mixed feeling after talking to folks about the translation from (the Book) 'Push' to 'Precious' but it didn't change the fact that I loved her on screen. I just saw some new photos of this fly girl that I wanted to share, it also goes along with a conversation I was recently having about the double standards of bi-sexuality between men and women. While women are repressed in many ways, we are free to explore our sexuality, admit our attraction to women, and we are never rejected by men and for the most part other women for doing so. But if a man does this he's considered not manly and lets keep it treal How many women want to date a bi-sexual man, or a man that's been with other men? Even in the crazy world of acting this one sided standard occurs: It was not such a huge shock when Alicia Keys or Paula Patton played roles in movies where they were bi or gay, but when a leading man like Will Smith or Heath Ledger plays a gay or bi-sexual man its a big shocker of course..

Here are some photos of the sexy Paula where she poses both femine and masculine:

There were other pictures of her in the more feminine poses but i wasn't feeling them as much. It was very obvious with the contrast that the girly ones were submissive poses and the tom boy ones are empowering (here hair was all messed up and she looked almost injured), whats up with that? not that I have never seen a powerful pose of a woman in a magazine but clearly its still normal and considered sexy to put women in these helpless type looking poses, which i don't find appealing at all. I'm not saying it hasn't improved but just trying to point out the ways we are subjected to these traits attrached to gender roles sometimes without even being aware of it...I think no matter what this girl wear she's beautiful and mostly because of her charisma, heart warming smile, and lovely spirit.

"I think movies do it better than any other form. A movie is painting, it’s photography, it’s literature -- because you have to have the screenplay -- it’s music. Put a different soundtrack to a comedy and it’s a tragedy. A movie combines all those forms and forces you to pay attention for two hours with a group of people. And people aren’t as well-read anymore, so we share a common knowledge through movies" -Paula Patton

Here's the video of Lost Without You:

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