Friday, December 11, 2009

Freestyle Friday

I was scrolln thru youtube and wanted to post some freestyle videos. I wanna see more woman freestylen captured on video, cuz i've seen hella talent in freestyle sessions that wasn't recorded, and that is actually a new project of working onHavent done freestyle Friday in a minute but soon i will be posting videos of Bay Area spittas freestylen n coming with it, if your an emcee and you got a freestyle video you want me to post please email it to Happy Friday Enjoy!


Orukusaki Freestylen

..The other dude sounded like an angry misogynistic ignorant comedian, while RukSak came wit flow rythym and style..

Lady Luck Freestyle

(w)renagade freestyle
sounds like it was pre written but i love this beat so i had to post..

his flows goooo!

2pac Freestyle

Bambu Freestyle