Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sustenance is the food for the soul what we need to survive, to sustain, to remain sain in the membrane n for me this is music.i WAKE to it i sleep with it i make it write to it paint to it, ride with it bumping, and think its something that should be wise, from the heart, a mastered craft, not without laughs. Once in a blue moon artists make songs that are truly of sustenance. You could listen to the song or the album over and over and get something different o new lyric noted or a feeling from it, a harmony that gives you chills or a flow that goes with the beat so lovely you want to hear it on repeat, so you rewind and open your mind and let the music in.

Siaira Shawn is definitely an artist of sustenance and she even has a song entitled this

Her new EP is coming soon so get ready...

zSHARE - Sustenance mix may 18_2_.mp3

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