Wednesday, September 16, 2009

greetings from DreamLand

Back in Oakland is a trip. Funny feeling to realize the place I was raised hasn't really changed much but I have. Throughout my love and, not love, of the Town and the streets that raised me what remains is that We have Hope, and that the people, the culture make this place what it is, make it beautiful. They may tell you its money that makes the World go round but its the people. I've been reading a book passed onto me by the homie Amani (aka iamani aka @onlyiamani) called Soul Without Shame which actually inspired me to write a song on that tip. Its definitely WRENAGADE approved, to make you aware of the internal ways we cause ourselves harms, as well as how we internalize other peoples actions towards us in an unhealthy way. That and Power of Now, and hella school textbooks (that tell you LIES) is what I am currently reading. AM I AN EXTREMIST or just A DREAM-ist? Sometimes i get on a must change the world and make it to success RIGHT Now or i will feel like a failure and die. This little battle of my mentality has brought me down, sometimes pushed me forward and made me stronger, but mostly made me feel incapable and down. So instead of being such a damn EXTREMIST meaning every second of everyday has to be dedicated to the movement, I am back to the DREAM-ist I have always been. I dream about a painting and then I make it. I dream about meeting you at the lake and singing my heart out over a beat, and then the next day thats how it plays. This dream affirmation has always been something I do, it used to scare me but now I accept it as something that a artist dreamer like myself posseses and instead of feeling like its a curse it a blessing (curses are your blessing if you let them be) Sometimes the nightmares actualize and somebody I know dies in a dream and it becomes reality, thats the worst but its happened and I will no longer give it hella power to make me fearful of what I can't control.I am ok with what I dont know and have not achieved because I am making a plan of action and building myself up after taking some punches, and my dreams have begun to come back clearer than ever. As a younging we walk around trying to leave a mark just trying to say "i was here" like a message in the sand you hope no person or ocean will ever step on. Graffiti that same urge amplified through art. Everyday on my way to places I go I drive, or 2 wheel it past this mural, dedicated to one of the Bay Area's finest graffiti artists known as DREAM, i finally took a few flix more to come

Rise In Peace DREAM

...also I will posting murals by the homie DESI WOME and showing you the ridiculousness done by our city, painting over his artwork with information on how to protest this wrong doing done by the city of Oakland dummies that thought it would be prettier with gray paint and tags then beautiful art

Dreamland of graf, too short and graffiti reminds me of my childhood this is what i grew up on...

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