Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rise In Peace Tupac Shakur

Every time somebody asked the question who's ya favorite rapper when I was younger dead or alive I'd see the duh who you think look and then "Pac." Last year blender did a right up on Pac ranking him as the most overrated artist ever, which i read about via Krishtine @ As many hip hop heads and especially folks my age who grew up in the Bay and Oakland to be specific Tupac was a huge part of my growing up. He may be controversial but his strong positive spirit and desire to change the world shined through any negativeity thrown at him or spit back from him. He himself talks about how emcees are teachers in the hood that take the place of absent fathers. I may not ride with every lyric this young man ever spoke but he is very missed and he lives on through some timeless songs.

Strictly 2Pac

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