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Just recently got to sit down with one of my favorite artists Bay Area's own singer/songwriter/ herself. Its not everyday that someone can capture a crowd with purely acapella vocals .


WRENAGADE (WR): There is a lot going on in the Bay Area {from Prop 8 Protests, Oscar Grant Protests/Mehserle Trial,} as well as all over the world {Iran Democratic Election, too many injustices to name...}, As a song writer that is an activist, how do you take on the challenge of Speaking your Views, as well as keeping it Universal (so anyone can get down with your music and really hear it?

SIAIRA: The songs I write are what I am inspired and by my experience. I originally started writing songs on a certain topics, mostly very personal. As I've started to write more and become a better writer, I've learned how to frame very personal things into very universal themes. Also, because the big issues are our issues, my issues, the political is personal, so I write in a way that shows that I hope. Everything I try to do comes from a place of love, so that's how I write.
WR: Just listened to TOO MANY which is an amazing song, the lyrics the melody all of it. This is a dope song to me because it is expressing all the emotions that protesters have, of rage, sadness of seeing injustice, put into a song in such an eloquent and heART felt way. I get chills when I hear the part of the song “and I cant stomach another daughter or son on the ground…” Siaira has managed to capture so much in the beautiful song, from the pain of loosing a life, overall police brutality and transcend that with harmony and lyrical grace.

(to listen 'Too Many' click here )

WR: You bring such a refreshingly fly style to your music, is there anyone that influenced you growing up in the Bay Area?
SIAIRA: Thank you! Growing up in the Bay, San Francisco especially, there weren't too many people to look to,as far as being a soul/ r and b singer. I think that’s why you have to do your own thing. I can say in Oakland, all my homeys, who were involved in BUMP and other youth music programs, really gave me an outlet. And as far as my style; I wanted to do my own thing, and write from a different perspective that I feel is unique because its me, no manufacturing.

WR: If you could choose some artists out there that did/do really influence you as a singer and song writer who would they be and why?

Nina Simone-Crazy style, unique vocals, she blew my mind,and the subject matter she tackled in her songs and the emotion, I love her…
John Legend-When he came out there was no one like him in R&B, his song writing, making good quality songs. Also as he has matured in his career and his music and he has taken a great political stance.

WR: thats wassup...Whats your favorite quote?

SIAIRA:*Never settle for mediocrity
"I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood." Audre Lorde

WR: What projects do you you have in the works?

SIAIRA: My e.p. "The Outsider Inside" is upcoming, doing a photoshoot, want to put some shirts out soon too , oh I'll also be on rapper Five-Eightys album and The League 510 album and video for the song "Friday". I am always working on music, I wanna put a mixtape and some themed projects out, and a full-length album of course, so just look out for me :)
WR: Words of advice to other singers out there?

SIAIRA: My advice is just to be true to yourself and strive for as close to perfection as you can get. Put out quality music, put your best self forward always. Don't conform.

* I have some shows end of July and August in oakland mostly, I believe, and wherever elso people will have me :) You can go and to hear some older music,new stuff coming soon on those. And I'm on facebook, just type my name-Siaira Shawn in the search to get updates.

A big shout out to Siaira Shawn if ya dont know now ya know.

Heres a perfect Summer feel good Jam that im bumping ritnOW…

Pocket Mix 3 - Siaira Shawn

Look forward to many more collab projects with this Song Bird, dont sleep on OakTowns finest and Flyest from the Song Birds to the Emcees, we got Talent all over the Bay...

oh yeah...(dont mind the messy photography skills ill post better pics soon)

At INTERNATIONAL heART SHO (Katiana and myselfs first collab project) I did a set of portraits of the song bird SIAIRA SHAWN. This is a pic of one of them I will eventually share with you many more pictures of art flick so look out for more. I think I only captured about 1% of the dopeness in this piece, I do portraits of folks mostly music artists to pay homage...Look out for more posts soon.

Follow her on twitter @siairashawn and holla @ a @wrenagade ...

(Disclaimer for anyone sipping some haterade: im in no way a professional journalist and mos. def. don't claim to be, I am a artivist, so just a fan of good music, in terms of lyrics, vocals, production, Good music, especially when its about real issues that effect our community, because that is when music is at its best. -wr)

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