Thursday, April 1, 2010


Kev Choice deserves some shine right now
and after all his hard work he is beginning
to get some. He has been putting out some
amazing songs released under the "daily dosage."
This one right here,
this one right here is my favorite,
I like the video and I was inspired
from it and it reminds me how music
is the soundtrack there is no limitation
to what it can do to uplift
people to pursue their dreams.
Propers to all who made this song
happen, and the triple force that is KEV CHOICE
and to prove that he has what it takes to take over, look at him doing his thing on stage, you hear how people swoon, im impressed with all that funky energy imerging from him as he sits with his hands on the keys...

incase you need more evidence he is a force:
"True musicians are a dying breed. Corporate radio stations and record labels continue to brainwash us with simple club diddies, synthesized music, and purchased air time. But now, we the people have a CHOICE. With classic rhymes, undeniably well crafted music, and an extravagant live show, KEV CHOICE has exploded onto the Bay Area music scene and is set to make an even bigger mark on the world. Hailing from Oakland, California, KEV CHOICE is a lyricist, pianist, composer, and band director with a scholarly classical and jazz background. He has studied piano for over 15 years, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Music (emphasis piano performance) from Xavier University of Louisiana as well as a Master's Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. KEV CHOICE began his career as a keyboardist supporting performers such as Michael Franti and Spearhead, Goapele, LyricsBorn, Too Short, Martin Luther, Jennifer Johns, and more recently DJ Quik. In 2006 and 2007, KEV elevated his status by becoming the musical tour director for the ingenious Ms. Lauryn Hill. After years of supporting other artists on tours across the globe, KEV CHOICE finally succumbed to the true calling of his heart: Hip Hop and decided to take his solo rap career seriously.KEV CHOICE the M.C. has become the main attraction. Backed by a 9-piece ensemble, KEV CHOICE has been performing hits from his highly anticipated album "The Broken Mold" and upcoming mixtape "The Emergence". KEV CHOICE describes his live show as " a collection of original material, blenede with classic and obscure music influential in my life, blended into one continuous movement. On the net, you can find countless quotes from journalists and fans alike praising KEV's live show and his blend of hip hop energy & uplifting lyrics, classical musicianship, jazz improvisation, as well as the passionate feelings expressed in soul music. His buzz is so high that he was recently nominated for a coveted SF Weekly Music Award in the Soul/R&B/Funk category amongst acts he previously and even currently supports. He was also recently named "Most Multi-Talented Musician" by the EastBay Express. With this much solo success in such a short amount of time, one doesn't have to wonder what the future holds for KEV CHOICE. We the people know that his music will continue to "break the mold" and live on as a testament of true musicianship."

(i whole heartedly agree)

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