Thursday, April 1, 2010


Let me start by saying I have immense dissapointment for men in general who need to MAN UP! and in addition to all that means, it also means to TREAT WOMEN RIGHT. MAN UP CAMPAIGN is one that Siaira Shawn and Melina Jones have spoke on a lot. We all have different views of exactly what that term means to us but it same thang different words, we wanna see dudes being the genius, protector warriors they were born to be, and not fall into these messed up traps end up causing pain or turning there cheek to injustice.

Now, with that said a man like anybody is a human. And is subjected to a lot standards as the oppressor of woman since birth. Even if a dude had the goal twenty four seven of protecting women just by being a man he would end up triggering a womans oppression. So lets make space for the idea that a man can grow. That a woman hater: pimp player and all around douche can change into someone worth a woman's time and act in respectful sensible ways. Not saying every pimp deserves a chance (not at all) but if a man shows he's made changes to be a better person give him that, no?

TUPAC was a man that was very controversial at a young age he spoke about being a man means respecting a woman but he like many dropped the ball and acted in ways different from this. He died to young, by now if he was still living i imagine he would have been very evolved making all sorts of peaceful uplifting music to teach these young men correctly.

Lets honor and make space for the men out there who do man up, and ask the ones that are still falling under disrespectful ness player habit norms TO MAN THE F UP and be the warriors that they are.

At the end of the day, everybody needs love and people are able to change with it, cause what would you not do for LOVE

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