Thursday, April 22, 2010

the Art of Love

Art of Love Teaser Trailer from Akoben Entertainment on Vimeo.

Shouts to Siaira Shawn for showing this to me on her blog, and for vocally painting our ears with her harmonies for this film. I really believe art is love, or rather that love is an art. Either way I love the title and from the teaser I can tell I will love the film. Just from the under two minute preview I can see that its not limited its exploreing many elements of love, from the sexyness, to the heart break, to the anger, to the excitement, to the fear, to the laughter.

The casts looks phenomenal from poet and all around fly sis Tiara Phalon to Jazz Monique Husdon and many other, Props to whoever chose Siaira as a music contributer to the soundtrack-with lyrics like: "His prose permeate my slumbler -he's got my number-the call always goes through...ITS WRITTEN ALL OVER THE PLACE - YOU SEE IT ALL OVER OUR FACE - I WISH YOU COULD GET A TASTE OF THIS SWEET -



(check back for details and a full post when i see the film)

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