Monday, April 19, 2010


(soon there will be some WRENAGADE illustrations to go along with this amazing body of work created by Siaira Shawn)

For now:
On behalf of R&B singer, Siaira Shawn, we would like to invite you to listen to and download her new EP, "The In Between" for free!

About "The In Between EP"

The In Between EP is a prelude to Siaira Shawn's debut album, "The Outsider Inside." This five song EP with bonus acapella showcases the wide vocal range and talents of one of the Bay Area's budding R&B stars. The "Intro" and "Outro" narrates what would usually be complex subject matter for the typical R&B album. Shawn's songwriting depicts the battles we endure searching for love as well as the trials we face defining ourselves in a world bent on conformity. Musically speaking, the up-tempo tracks such as "Seat Filler" produced by Mr. Know-It-All to the sonically progressive ballad, "Where You Are," tightropes the energy and imagination of a Janelle Monae with the soul and depth of Donny Hathaway. The In Between infuses futuristic soundscapes with the maturity and vulnerability contemporary R&B audiences have been yearning for.

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Production Credits
Nick James, George Hearst, T.K. Top Kat, Mr. Know-It-All & Will Bracy
All songs written by Siaira Harris | Mixed by George Hearst at Gehea Music Studios | Art Design by Nick James


Siaira Shawn is a singer, songwriter, performer, & youth worker born and raised in San Francisco, California. She started singing at the ripe old age of three. She attended San Francisco School of the Arts with a concentration in theatre. She has performed and continues to perform all around the Bay Area. She has shared stages with performers such as Goapele, Bilal, Kindred, Dwele, Ise Lyfe, Zion I, The Attik, and Jennifer Johns. She works with artists/producers League 510, producers Will Bracy, Nick James, rap artist DoDat, rapper Five-Eighty, keyboardist/composer Maya Kronfeld, producer/musician George Hearst, and one of the most sought after rhythm sections in the west, The Park.

She has many influences from soul legends like Donny Hathaway to revolutionary thinkers such as Audre Lorde. Siaira Shawn wants to bring a much needed light to the up and coming talent in the Bay Area and bring a level of artistry, creativity, and purpose to music that she believes the people deserve.

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