Thursday, July 2, 2009

Im leaving...

Im Leaving

Epiphany - Chrisette Michele

((This song may not lyrically be everything Im going thru in terms of my personal life but I am leaving a lot of wackness as I leave the place I currently reside. By the way im loving Chrisette Michele she has that classic swag that somehow seems new...))

As of June first I put in notice at the crib we moving. I have known I was going to be moving out of this particular apt for some time but its looking like I might be moving further then expected. I have been transforming in many ways over the past months(don't get it twisted I'm still the same Wren, just trying to evolve and do the experiences/blessings/hardships some justice and learn and change from em) and like my name I am a bird what ever adversity you throw at me I will spread my wings and fly to higher places. I am currently blasting some mixes of Old Skool and New School anything from MJ, Aretha, to Mystic, and Luniz and all that in between, while I put everything in boxes. I am sitting on lots of new posts, and if your new to reading this here blog or not be expecting a little more quality over quantity, meaning I will take a little more time with what I post, and share more exclusive art flicks, and interviews and things of this nature in future posts.

Packing up all my belongings, and possibly moving out of the LBC back to the Bay has me doing a little reflection not just on my time in this apartment but my growth and overall my life. Like the MJ song written by SIEDAH herself if my goal is to change the world i mos. def. have to start with myself. I am always trying to be a better person to better impact the world, to support the ones that I love. Re affirming my love for art, and music, and creating beautiful spaces (as i study interior architectural design and design in all its elements)...anyway I read a book about 6 years ago about making money as a money. But the message I took applies to everyone. In order to be happy, you must first asses what it is that you prioritize and invest there. At the time that I did that I was in high school with a job and side hustles and I had a room full over kicks and material things. I realized I was putting most of my money to something that was coolio, but not my priority. So I began to invest in my art (just buying basic art supplies usually the cheapest things i could find) and music. Its hard to stick to it, and there will be times, like myself, where you get lost and go astray, but I always come back to this, put ya money where ya heart is and you cant go wrong. So as I pack up my shoes, I am reminded of this, yeah kicks is cool, I'm not saying not to buy em, I'm just saying for me at the end of the day, I am fly no matter what I rawk and you could steal all my valuables and I would still be alright. With that said I recently "lost" some of my art work and that felt a little like someone ripped my heart out cause its irreplaceable, ya know.

Anyway the blogs may roll in slow but they coming I'm just hella busy making changes and tryna be grown ;) also enjoying what may be my last summertime in the LBC like the classic song that you can catch me sing on occasion...


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