Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fly Artista : Ms. Ashley K. Arnold herself

"A true artist gives themselves up in their art.. fully. Close their eyes & jumps in with no boundaries."-Ashley K. Arnold

Had to give a lil shout out to the fly artista Ashley K. Arnold, I am new to this lady's art and don't sleep she's got talent, from photography, etchings- prints, street art and even poetry. I am very inspired by her art, as well as her fearlessness to be herself and shine. I would definalty love to eventually collab with this sister. Look out for posts on her art shows in the future cause you know I will be promo'ing like I do.

If you like what ya see you can holla @ her on twitter @ashleykarnold

As someone who works in many mediums from spray paint to acrylic to oils to prints i respect a sis who does the same and she does it well! The one above just might be my favorite but I dont know...I love em all...
"brake your tv"

More artista posts coming soon. 'this is only the beginning we are still so far from winning im here" "just keep living and giving all that ya got" My art along with new musica from Amani and Do Dat (former members of the ATTIK crew) along with new posts on some projects I have in the works and some summer living updates. So check Back!

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