Monday, June 29, 2009

Micheal Jackson Lives On.


Micheal Jackson lives on through his songs, and should be remembered for all the good he gave to this world. The first song I ever performed was "you are not alone." I find comfort in those lyrics. The most inspirational song that Micheal Jackson sang to me is Man in the Mirror. I love all MJ songs but that one holds a special place in my heart, because if you take the words in it is encouraging change in such a beautiful way.

The woman behind this amazing song is Siedah Garrett. She wrote man in the mirror for Micheal Jackson to sing in hopes it would change the world. Who I just had the honor of meeting and hearing her sing as well as speak about this song, and working with Micheal Jackson. She said that knowing that Micheal Jackson [because of his amazing talent] had and has a platform that the world can hear, she wanted to give him a song that really could change the world.

She is an amazing woman, I feel blessed to have met her. And Micheal lives on through his songs and all the artists that are so inspired by his songs, style and all that he did.

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