Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hip Hop 101 for those melaninly challenged

1. Don't think cause a rapper says it you can say it too, or you can say it as long as there is no black people in the room

2. The whole "er" "a" thang is irrelevant cause in the south everybody says everything with a a

3. You can sing along just don't sing that part and be aware of the lyrics you are injesting.

Alright heres a little story bout a girl from East Oakland, who grew up on Hip Hop and saved up her bus tokens, to trade em for money to buy her some hip hop musica, she would sing along to the words except that one part, when the rapper would get on the track on some rapper type yap, and over the beat that slaps all you'd here is N-word N-word this N-word that, now that lil girl of about 8 new better then to repeat that word, she new better then to think just cause it had "a" at the end that she could bend the rules and sing along to the song, so from then on she started listening to songs, that were labeled as "conscious" cause for one they talked about the shit that mattered to her, instead of rims and champagne and fur, they were talking bout coming together and building up our community, respecting sisters and having unity, but another reason that this girl liked this style of hip hop that she has never admitted to for personal reasons and what not, is that the music didn't say the n-word as much so she could sing along and on and on and on, and lyrically spit back every verse, so this is just one story about a hip hop head, with a thirst for good music that she would bump loud from the time she woke up till she went to bed...

1. My cuzo suggested making up another word while singing along
2. Some folks just pause
3. Other people say Brotha or Sista instead of...
4. I have heard people say "wigga" as a joke but i think thats hella dumb.
5. You could chose to not sing along to any song that has the N-word in it so then you would not be tempted to say or even think the n-word, cause on the real if your a non racist white person you should not want to say a word that puts you in the same category as some of your cracker ancestors, right?

to be continued...

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