Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm so ready

As I have said before Barack winning will not mean and end to the fight there will still be a huge amount of change but I am so ready to actually respect the leader in the place that I live. To know that the Leader of the country I live in shares the same hope for equality and change is gonna be something new. The last time I remember not hating the president i was about 5 years old, its gonna be crazy to have a president that I think is the best person to run the country, and who has actually made a speech that had me shed a tear. I'm so ready.

I filled out my little form so all I gotta do is go to the poll, without my Obama attire, with my id, and fill in some bubbles...I AM SO READY TO CELEBRATE OBAMA WINNING! I am so ready to like my President for the first time in my life, I am so ready to see HISTORY MADE, I am so ready to smile at the fucking republican that had the nerve to try and hate on me for speaking out that I love Obama.


its been a long time coming but a change gon come...oh yes it is...

in a hanful of hours Obama will have won,IT IS NOT THE END,

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